Elden Ring Roderika Questline Guide: Where to find the souvenir of the chrysalides

In Elden Ring, players can unlock the second part of Roderika’s quest series by finding a Chrysalids Memory, which allows Roderica to move to the roundtable hold, the central area of ​​the game. But where do you find the item? To answer the and more, we will tell you now where you find the key element Chrysalids’ Memento ELDENRING .

Where can I find the memory of the Chrysalids in Elden Ring?

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You can find the key element Chrysalids’ Memento in Elden Ring by going to Stormleil Castle, the place where you face the first big boss of the game, Godrick the Grafted. The item is located on a corpse pile in an area next to the Grafted Scion Miniboss.

After you have received the subject, you can continue the Roderika quest series by returning to Stormhill Shack, where you have taken them for the first time, and show you the memory of the chrysalids, as this is how to trigger a dialogue And allow her to move to the Roundtable Hold. As soon as she has done that, you can unlock your ability to correct Ashes by talking to her a few times and then with blacksmith’s HEWG.

It is also important to point out that it is possible to find Roderika in the Roundtable Hold and continue their quest series, even if they did not give their souvenirs of Chrysalids, as many players have reported that they finally pull them there after they The part of Stormleil Castle have completed the game. You can also find Roderikas Crimson Hood by visiting the sport in which you found the Key Element Chrysalids’ Memento after you have become spirit tuner.

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