LOL: Renata Glasc data after a week in the competitive is it as broken as it is said?

Even before leaving, Renata Glasc has made a lot of ink. Considered by many as a champion totally Rota , the Support had something to fear in her skill set. Among the definitive of her, she introduced a new friendly fire mechanics, and especially her basic ability to revive with her financial W-rescue, with which she had enough to cause nightmares.

Riot Games heard the complaints and the balance team hurried to weaken the champion at various points. Since then, she has become a professional and, at the time of writing this article, Renata Glasc has played competitively 19 times . It’s time to take a balance and see if she really is so Rota As they say.

Renata Glasc statistics after 19 competitive games

We started seeing Renata everywhere. In lec , she made several appearances, as in the second division of the French League. But we also noticed the presence of it at LCS Academy, Brazil, Korea or China, where she first played the Support of LGD Gaming.

  • A Winrate promising : With 52.6% victories, Renata’s debut was not especially impressive. But this is still positive and at first it is still promising since the players have not yet had much time to master the selection and find all the tricks to optimize their game
  • A KDA a little worse than average: We do not know very well if placing Renata in the category of makers since she has a much greater potential to make plays. With 3.4 of KDA She is going quite well between the supports. But it is true that she stays below champions like Yuumi (5,4), Lulu (4,3) or Nami (3,9). There is nothing scandalous in this data
  • A Build that is still looking for : At the moment, professionals still do not agree on the best build for Renata. As for RUNAS, mostly plays Protector (almost 65%), but we also find glacial improvement or even invoke Aery . As for the objects, there are also two great differences: the one that buys a shurelya (58%) and the one that prefers a Solary Medallion of Iron (37%) . Really not There is a third way, but people who simply do not have time to complete their mythical because they end up the departure before.

First impressions of Renata: Strong but not for the expected reasons

First of all, we must return to the two great strengths provided by Renata Glasc: the definitiveness of her and revive her.


  • The definitive of her of her is powerful as expected, but it is not particularly shocking, she is an R after all. The zone control is perfect for activating or deactivating and the flexibility of it makes it very useful and it is something comparable to what Seraphine offers. As for fire friend, he was very scary, we have not seen any great madness until now.
  • Revivir of it remains in very powerful theory, but ultimately it is very situational. The bonus lasts little and is often very complicated to have a good chronometer to make the spell bear fruit. Also, when the team clearly loses a fight, it really does not help much. We could see Hyllisang save Razork Hecarim from a safe death in the midlane. But this reactivation was ultimately anecdotal given the leadership of FNATIC at this time.

On the other hand, what marked us especially was the power of its q \ – handshake , both in line phases and in group fights. He allows you to make a crazy combo with a champion like Caitlyn. This spell is perfect for the clutch and a player like Hyllisang runs the risk of doing it very badly with this champion. But for now, it is believed that Renata is more spectacular that rotates as such. She requires a lot of control and does not seem to serve much when her team starts from behind.