Lost Ark changes some quest rewards to fight against bots

Ark lost The developer Smilegate RPG said it was not long for the study for a lot of «illegitimate accounts» that you believed were bots. The exact number of prohibitions issued, but Smilegate said that more than one million were hit by that wave of prohibition. However, that was only the first instance of these prohibitions, with more to come regularly. Smilegate also added that it even goes as far as to change some of the rewards obtained by the missions to prevent bots from being created to cultivate gold.

All this and more was covered in the last publication of the lost, team that approached some of the main problems that affect the community at this time. The changes administered to the rewards in _arca, arises as a result of the concerns of the community about how these bots could affect the economy of the game and if the efforts of bots devalued the booty that other players legitimately obtained. Some rapport and guide missions have been affected by this change, but Smilegate did not specify which, exactly, have been modified.

“We have also heard players’ concerns about the effect that these bots can have in the game economy when it comes to buying and selling gold, and we are closely monituring this situation,” said the last update of Lost Ark said. “We have changed the gold-plated gold reward for some rewards of Rapport and Guide Quest to avoid the abuse of these systems by Botters and Gold Farmers.”

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For those who could have the temptation not to create bots by themselves, but to buy gold or other items of such sources through real-world transactions, Smilegate noticed that they do not do it, since it will result in a ban on the Account, regardless of whether you are the one buying or selling.

«Remember also that participating in any transaction with real money (RMT) through external sellers goes against our Terms of Service and will result in a prohibition of the account, both for the buyer and the seller,” said Smilegate. «To help protect your account, distrust the gold and gifts that you send you users who do not know, and always reject any element that appears in your mailbox from which you do not feel safe».