Elden Ring becomes the largest new IP in Europe

At this point, it is impossible to deny that _ Elden Ring _ has possibly become the best sold title in the history of fromSoftware . We knew that the game was breaking it in the United States, but it seems that its success is still much bigger than we anticipated.

According to sales information published by GamesIndustry.biz , it was revealed that Elden Ring has become the new larger franchise of Europe since it was launched The division Out of 2016. Yes, we know that things like Call of Duty exceeded him on sales, but when it comes to a new intellectual property, Elden Ring is the king.

Elden Ring had the best sales on PC, followed by PS5 , Xbox platforms, and finally PS4 . All this takes into consideration both physical and digital sales throughout practically all stores in European markets.

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Editor’s note: All Hype around Elden Ring worked at the end, and it seems that he even managed to overcome the expectations of fans. Critically speaking had an impeccable reception, and everything indicates that your business results are also just as impressive.