How to change the names and photos of love interests in TEARS OF THEMIS

In the “tears of themis” you can tie a novel with four love hobbies: Lyuho, Marius, Artem and Wine. While most interactions with them occurs from the stories about maps, events and X-Note, Stellis City does not lack the latest technologies. With the help of your in-game smartphone, you can enjoy text messages, video calls, voice calls and voice messages with boys.

No better way to make your interactions more personal than personalizing your contacts with your favorite photos and special pseudonyms for men.

Start with access to the phone using the icon in the upper left corner of the screen above the “Field Work” menu. Then click the “Contacts” button in the lower right corner. A page with your favorite contacts – four men will open. Choose the main character according to your choice to open information about it.

Click on edit icon next to the name of the main character to give it a pseudonym on the ph1. If you want to change its profile image, click on camera icon in the lower right corner of its existing picture. You can choose from a variety of icons based on the cards you own .

(EN Sub) Artem Wing/ 左然 1 Year Anni. SSR Card - Everlasting Yearning 《相思情长》 Tears of Themis 未定事件簿

SR and SSR cards often have from two to three options for mapping – all of them will be displayed in the portrait list, so you can use what you prefer. However, there is no possibility to adjust the angle or the pruning position.

Alias ​​and image of the profile that you installed will be displayed everywhere on your phone, from text messages to voice calls. They will also appear when you check your phone during various scene events.

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