Gran Tourism 7 receives criticism bombed by frustrated players

Gamers are VERY MAD at Gran Turismo 7! - Microtransactions RUINING THE GAME!!
When gran Turismo 7 Launched for the first time a couple of weeks ago, the game was generally well received as much by fanatics and critics. However, over the course of last week, this attitude towards the PlayStation racing game changed quickly. Not only was it prevented from playing players briefly gran tourism 7 for a period of 30 hours ago only a few days ago, but a recent update of the game now has also done it much heavier than it should be. Now, several players are making them know that they are quite frustrated with the title and, as such, they have proceeded to review it on several platforms.

The source of this discomfort of gran tourism 7 players has come after Polyphony Digital altered the payments in currency that are rewarded when completing careers. As such, this has made the process to win currencies and, therefore, buy new cars, be much more difficult than before. Since GT7 also presents microtransractions that allow players to buy more of this currency with real world, this update has apparently only driven the idea that Sony and Polyphony Digital want players to spend their money on the title to buy new vehicles More quickly.

In light of this server interruption and the alterations of the currency, since then players have begun to review aggregated websites as a methacritical to express their anger. As of this writing, GT7 has a user score of 2.1 / 10 in Metacritic, which makes it one of the games with the lowest rating of all times published by Sony. This score also pales compared to the score of 87/100 that the game boasts according to critics. As such, it is clear that much of this bombing of revision occurred in light of the recent update of gran tourism 7. It has not yet been announced if a new patch of Polyphony Digital will soon arrive to reverse these changes, but the fans are clearly trying to make their voices heard.

If you have been playing gran tourism 7 for you lately, do you think that all this hate of fans is justified? And also, do you think Polyphony Digital will make some important changes in the near future? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.