Action “Skábma-Snowfall” on April 22nd Delivering Action “Skábma-Snowfall”. Run the power of Northern Europe with the power of old drums and guardectors

Sun Soft announced the action adventure game “ Skábma-snowfall ” that Red Stage Entertainment works on March 23, and has been announced in collaboration with PID Games. Corresponding platforms are scheduled to be delivered on April 22, with PC (Steam / Epic Games Store /gog.com). The price is 2480 yen (tax included). The game corresponds to the Japanese language display.

“Skábma-Snowfall” is an action adventure game of the three-person perspective, which was inspired by the old faith and folklore of the European Neighborgius Semi Semi. The Healer’s Youth Isle, a protagonist, who is a reindeer, was noticeable, so I can’t forget the drum (drum) of the Healer “Noaidi” that should have been forgotten. The drum has beaten the knowledge of Noeridi and leads him to the adventure.

In the village of Sami, the daily life has changed due to the large explosion of the far-out tared furnace. Confusion and the disease began to spread, and the land contaminated. It affects everything from humans to animals. The time left for sick people is slightly, and the anoy will locate its pathogens and go on a journey as much as new Noaidi.

While traveling in a vast and mysterious Nordic world, the player encounters 4 familiarity spiritualism such as Skuolfi (owl), Guovža (bear), čámsa (Mass) Rieban (fox) and uses the ability of each one through drums become able to. In the trailer, the drum has been hit by a large jump or a broken object, or attacking the presence such as an enemy. Each time you get such abilities, it may be a mechanism to spread where you can explore.

Also, in the image, there is also a scene that traces the light footprint. In this work, while following the way to connect to the soul of people and trees, it will be a challenge to the environment around the environment around overcoming the disability. The puzzle element will be one of the major parts. Item collection elements are also available.

The Red Stage Entertainment, which works on this work, is an indie studio based in Finland, and almost half of the staff is a warrior. This work is the debut of the studio and becomes a work that represents their roots. Speech is also recorded on the full voice of the northern Sami, and it is also aimed to increase the sense of audible as well as vision.

“Skábma-Snowfall” is scheduled to be delivered on April 22 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store /gog.com).