Tencent and 2021 games were 33 trillion won.

Tencent has been disclosed in 23 days, 5.60.1 billion yuan (about 106 trillion won), which has increased by 16% YoY in 2021. Tencent lasted operating profit was 2,716 billion yuan (about 51 trillion won) and 47% YoY. Last year of Tencent, the game revenue is 1,74.3 billion yuan (about 33 trillion won).

The same period is 1,288 billion yuan (approximately 24 trillion won), which increased 6% increase in game sales. Tencent said, “Prince Young, Call of Duty Mobile, and Wannie, due to Duk, but it has increased sales,

Tencent’s Chinese (global) sales is 45.5 billion yuan (about 8.6 trillion won), 31% YoY. Battle Ground Mobile, Balot, Brol Stay, and Clanical Orb Clan.

Last year, Tencent mobile game sales, including VAS business, is 1,648 billion yuan (about 31 trillion won), which increased by 12% YoY. VAS means Tencent’s social network business. Therefore, 1,648 billion yuan does not exhibit pure mobile game business sales. Tencent PC game sales increased by 2% YoY to 45.3 billion yuan (about 8.6 trillion won) in 2021.

Tencent is concentrating its main game IP. It is a strategy in situations where the new pane is not coming out. As an example, prepare a new game, animation, and a movie based on the prince. Tencent also developed a business to win the Winter Olympics recently, the recent Winter Olympics, QQ Speed ​​(Racing Games) and QQ Dancer Mobile.

Tencent: Tech Giant Behind Videogame Favorites Faces Beijing’s Scrutiny | WSJ

The Chinese government’s minor game regulation was effective. The Chinese government, last August, allowed the minor to play on Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and the statutory public holidays from 20:00 to 21:00. Tencent Game Standards The Chinese minor ‘s 2Q09 is a 4Q08-year-old time for the game, reduced by 88% YoY. The time of the minor in the total game tended to take 0.9% of the total game. Tencent declined 73% YoY on the previous year.

Tencent said, “I expect to have enough impact of minor protection measures before the second half of this year,” he said, “If a new pane comes out, it will increase its sales by launching new games.” The Chinese government has not issued a new posture since July last year.

Tencent develops or operates five of the top 10 global mobile games. Tencent was using League of Legend IP. Animated Arcane boasted the propaganda and the Rolled Cup city hall in Netflix. Aceinians accounted for the first place in the Netflix English TV series for a week after launch. The Rolled Cup recorded 7,400,000 viewers around the world.

Tencent said, “We are supporting our studios and partner games to overseas gamers through the Global Game Service Brand Level Infinite.” Level Infinite was launched by Tencent to focus on focusing on overseas game businesses, on December 8 last year.