What is the graphical mode to select on PlayStation 5 in GhostWire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Last game from Tango Gameworks, in which all the advantages of the PlayStation 5 console are used, offers several graphic modes to choose from, each of which focuses on something else. With all these options, players can wonder in which graphic mode to play on PlayStation 5.

How to change graphic mode

On PS5, the default graphical mode will be set quality mode. In order to change the graphic mode, you need Open the parameter menu and also Click the Graphics tab . On this tab you will see the setting to switch the graphic mode.

You will be able to choose one of six options **: Quality Mode, Performance Mode, HFR Quality Mode, HFR Performance Mode, HFR Quality Mode (VSYNC) and HFR Performance Mode (VSYNC). Details of graphic modes are as follows:

  • Quality Question – High accuracy option that includes rays tracing and provides better general visual quality with a limit of 30 frames per second.
  • Performance mode – the smoother gameplay with 60 frames restriction per second. Focusing on providing a higher frame rate will be sacrificed visual quality.
  • HFR modes (high frame rate) – These modes will remove frame frequency limits, allowing FPS to go beyond its goal. This slightly reduces the general visual quality both in quality modes and in performance modes. However, there were messages about the screen breaks in these modes, so remember this risk when choosing them.

What is the best graphic mode for PS5

Comparing the SIX Graphics Modes of Ghostwire: Tokyo on PS5

The best graphic mode will be largely dependent – if not fully depend on – from your personal preferences . If you want the game to look as best and worked in a 4K resolution with a ray trace, then the quality mode is what you need. On the other hand, if visual accuracy does not have paramount importance for you, and you prefer a smooth gameplay, then the Performace mode will meet your needs.

HFR mode represents an interesting alternative to typical two graphic modes. It acts as a kind of golden middle between two familiar modes. That Quality Mode HFR can help you get more frames per second without such a sharp visual sacrifice, A HFR performance mode throws visual quality from the window, since it provides the highest FPS as it can. However, we experienced terrible screenshot problems with these modes that make them difficult to play. Alternatives to VSYNC for these two modes, it seems to help the screen a little break.

Being a dynamic game in the genre of action, Performance mode will be the best option for most players. , Since the smooth gameplay will help make the game more honed from this point of view. Nevertheless, this game is very great, and if you can get used to the gameplay with a frequency of 30 frames per second, Quality mode will provide you with a new generation game. .

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