Cut Content or DLC? DataMiner finds more mysterious symbols in Elden Ring

The world of Elden Ring looks really big at first glance and quite threatening: If you feel something lost, you should best consult our entry-level tips. However, did you find foot in the intermediate country, many secrets are waiting to be discovered by you.

But the schnitzel hunt around Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) has also been adopted outside the game. Especially only the DataMiner Jesterpatches found some interesting symbols that strongly suggest that for Elden Ring was originally planned a Bestiarium. Now other mysterious symbols are surfaced.

Hide behind the symbols unused items?

The Reddit user Elitherenaissanceman has also put his nose deep into the files of Elden Ring and found some symbols that did not seem to have failed in the finished game. 20 pieces of it he shared as a high-resolution images on Reddit and many of them enchant with great illustrations.

Unfortunately, only the symbols exist, it lacks any descriptions, which is why one can only speculate about the benefits of most objects. However, some of the pictures are strongly reminiscent of other elden ring items, which is why among the symbols, among others Talismans , consumables and crystal tears are located.

Elden Ring DLC Plans Potentially Uncovered - IGN Daily Fix
As Elitherenaissanceman writes, there is still more symbols overall: _ “There are more than 100 other symbols that seemingly not used, but I tried to show that I have not seen elsewhere, especially if you have ELDEN ring symbols are looking for, you will find article about the two times 64 symbols that indicate a Bestiarium […]. “_

Whether it is the mysterious symbols and thus the unused objects ultimately to be contents, which were removed from time pressure or other reasons or around items that are submitted in a potentially coming DLC , remains unclear. ELDEN ring fans probably should probably hope for the latter and finds like these firing the hope of new content.

Tips, tricks and guides to elden ring complacent?

If you can not get enough of the monumental roleplay named Elden Ring, you should take a look at our extensive collection of tips and tricks. There we tell you, among other things, where you find the sound beads for forged stairs and which hide function Mohgs and Margits chain hide.

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