“Cuphead” collaborates with US insurance company at CM. I defeated the boss with a lizard, and where Magman was

The US Insurance Company Geico published a collaboration scommilicial video with 2D action game “Cuphead” on March 29. The main character, Cuphead, a Geico mascot, Geico Gecko (lizard) defeated the boss. It is the content that encourages the insurance company’s transfer.

“Cuphead” is a 2D shooting action game of horizontal scrolling. It features a visual style with a motif of Cartoon in the 1930s and a difficulty level with a teeth. This work released in 2017 gained a very high evaluation in various places, and sales of 6 million were sold as of July 2020. In addition, in February this year, Netflix anime “The Cuphead Show” is delivered, such as the Netflix anime “The Cuphead Show! (The Cuphead Show” is delivered.

Such “Cuphead” collaborates with the US insurance company. It seems to be puzzled English-speaking users with hand-koned commercial images. When I look at the image, I’m a buddy who is a masterpiece with a master who is a hero cup head. This work corresponds to two players, and if it is originally, the Cuphead’s buddy should be a magman that is a characteristic character with blue pants and nasal. He says where he was. As soon as the puzzle of the viewer, the lizard, which is a insurer’s hundall, unfolds a light talk.

The lizard has suddenly started sellingstok, even though he was scared by the chance of the Cagnay Carnation. He seems to be able to tell the information “If you switch the insurance to Geico”. Anyway, the figure of the talk content is “Cuphead” style styles. The patterns and movements are drawn in Cartoon tone that fit well in this work, and it is not strange to appear in the original. Even the mouth is also the mouth, the contents often listen to the tempo well. It is a mascot that is representative of salesman. The Twitter account introduced this video has also received a surprise voice such as “such a fool” from overseas users. It seems that it was a strange collaboration for overseas viewers.

However, this is not the first time that Geico has attracted attention in color collaboration with the game work. First, in 2021, we will play a collaboration with the mobile game “Angry Birds” and release commercial videos. A husband and wife who is in trouble at home is a husband and wife who is in trouble, and “Geico thanks to Geico, one-way house insurance and automobile insurance”. And in the early 2022, the puzzle game “Portal” collaboration. Here, Mascot’s lizard shows a light talk. Despite the unusual situation where the portal appears in a narrow space, it is screwed into an appeal with “easy to switch to Geico”. It is a mirror of a salesman.

Geico has a history of approximately 86 years in 1936, and is a US owned insurance company. On the other hand, it is also known in such a rising commercial strategy. The lizard is also showing a variety of “face” of Geico, and it can be confirmed by the Geico official YouTube channel, how they are golf and how to make raspberry jam. If you look at this, it’s a lovely and friendly. That would be a Geico image strategy.

In addition, it is also considered that “Cuphead” became a collaboration destination, but also the popularity of the same work is expected to be promoted. The 30’s Cartoon style is also a figure of Geico’s inception entertainment. Top Salesman’s Tulsa may also have a little time slip feeling. He wants to look forward to the day when he disturbs the different popular games.