[News] Intel, Laptop Arc A Series External Graphic Products Released

Intel announced on the date of the day (March 31), the Intel Arc (Intel ARC) graphic family. Today, the founding of the Intel Arc A Series Graphic Portfolio The first external graphics processing device (GPU) is the first external graphics processing device (GPU), which plans to extend the Intel Arc A series over the Laptop, Desktop and Workstation. Intel introduced an arc platform that has a hardware, software, and services that could provide a high performance graphic experience in Gamer and Creators, including the first Intel Ark with Laptop, Intel Arc A Series Mobile Graphic Family, and the Intel Arc A Series Mobile Graphic Family.

Intel Arc A Series Mobile Graphic Family

Intel Arc A Series Graphics support a wide range of notebook designs and most of the early volumes of arc 3 graphics products are scheduled to be on Intel EVO Certified Laptop. It includes two products, including A350M and A350M on Slim and Lite Notebooks for ultra-thin and slim-type notebooks.

Intel Arc 3 graphics provides improved 1080p gaming and enhanced content production experience. Arc A370M-based notebooks can drive various popular game titles over 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. Arc 5 and Arc 7 graphics provide improved graphics and computing performance, with the same state-of-the-art content production performance. The product is equipped with more XE core and Ray tracing unit, GDDR6 memory compared to Ark 3 products. The laptop with Arc 3 is currently in advance, and the laptop with Arc 5 and Arc 7 is equipped with the early days of this year. In addition, the Intel Arc Graphic family for the desktop and the Add-in-Card are released in the summer ** this year.

First Intel Arc Graphic Mounted Laptop

Intel’s first notebooks with Intel Arc are scheduled for Intel Core Processor Laptop Intel Core Processor, which has acquired Intel. Users can now experience Wi-Fi 6, fast response speed and battery life on the scene and light notebook. Based on enhanced Intel Arc Graphics Proficiency, gaming and content creation has been newly improved on laptops. Manufacturers who launch a notebook with Intel Ark can be found in the launch video.

XE High Performance Graphics Micro A Kittext

All arc A series products are designed for gamers and creators, based on Intel’s new XE high-performance graphics (HPG) microa kititecture. The Intel Arc platform provides breakthrough performance, efficiency, and scalability based on XE HPG technology.

With a strong XMX AI engine, it provides 16-fold enhanced computing capabilities compared to the existing GPU vector device when the AI reasoning operation is completed in a powerful XE core. Based on this, it can be helped to provide productivity, gaming, and content creation workload performance improvement. XE Media Engine supports a wide range of video codecs and standards, including industry-first AV1 hardware acceleration encoding and decoding support. AV1 offers 50% and 30% efficiency of H.264 codecs and H.265 codecs today, today. The XE HPG display engine supports the latest standards, including uncompressed 4K display port 2 of 120Hz, drives high resolution and high frequency HDR display without problems.

Arc Game Technology and Partnership

From Intel Ark 3 to Arc 7, all Intel Arc GPU products are perfect for advanced game technology such as DirectX 12 Ultimate (DirectX 12 Ultimate (DirectX 12 Ultimate) and Hardware Accelerator Tracy, XE Super Sampling (XESS), Direct Storage Support.

Direct X 12 Ultimate Technologies include ray tracing, variable proportion shading (VRS), mesh shading and sampler feedback. Intel’s XESS AI-based image-based image-based image-based image is used to significantly improve game performance. For example, you can run the game at 4K resolution with performance comparable to native 1080p. Intel is committed to providing an immediate game support driver, and games to be released later are working with game studios to be optimized for technology such as Arc GPU and XESS. XESS will be released this summer with about 20 game titles. Intel will disclose all XESS SDKs and tools to use to support the introduction of a wide range of software and hardware industry in the future.

Intel Deep Link (Intel Deep Link)

The Intel Arc Mobile Platform supports Intel Deep Link Technology. Based on this, the Intel Arc GPU operates smoothly with Intel CPU and Intel Graphics and improves gaming, content creation and streaming performance.

The hyper encoding combines the media engine throughout the platform to improve the video encoding workload speed up to 60% on the iris XE graphics al1. Hypercomputing enhances a variety of workloads to utilize the computing and AI engine’s power, from Intel Platform to Intel Core Processor, from Intel Core Processor to Intel Arc GPU. Dynamic Power Sharea provides more power to the Intel Core Processor or Intel Arc Graphics product, as needed, to help you specify automatic and intelligent priority according to workloads. This improves the content creation workload or the high application performance with high computing loads.

Intel GPUs have Arrived!

Intel Arc Community Experience

Intel cooperates with partner companies to provide special launch bundles. This extends the portfolio through games and multimedia applications optimized for arc graphical users, and Intel Arc Control.

There is a difference in the system and region, but the first bundle for gamers and creators will be released in April with the launch of A Series Mobile Products. Intel will provide steady events and promotions such as a monthly boost of war in the Arc Community, and the winner promotion events. Intel also provides Intel Arc Control apps to support all-in-one hubs and seamless interfaces that allow users to fully control gaming experience. Intel Arc Controls support a variety of features, including custom performance profiles, built-in streaming, virtual cameras, game on driver downloads, and automatic game captures. Intel Arc Control is a single software that supports both Intel Iris XE, Intel Iris XE MAX and Arc GPUs.