BVB | Has Erling Haaland but no exit clause? Dortmund could collect more money

That Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund is left at the end of the season is as good as clear. It has been speculated by an exit clause for months, which enables the Norwegian to leave BVB for around 75 million euros. “Spox” and “Goal” now want to learn that there should not be such a contractual option. Rather, there should be a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” between BVB and Haaland and its environment.

According to the report, the two parties agreed only verbally that the coveted striker star may leave the club in the coming summer. For this only had to arrive an offer with which the black schools must be satisfied and that lies over the coloted 75 million euros. At BVB, it is common for the club to give his word and then holds.

Borussia Dortmund signs Erling Haaland | #Haaland2024

BVB yielded to the highest offer

But it could be that the BVB could rule out even more money from the sale of the Norwegian due to this verbal agreement. Because as a listed club, Borussia is obliged to observe the interests of investors. Accordingly, the BVB would have to deal with the highest-doped offer. Haaland is the last word, but it will probably ensure that his desired association must also give the best offer. So the BVB could then take a little more transfer than the 75 million euros in the room.

However, this sum would not completely flow on the account of Borussia. The BVB still has to pay a training allowance for Haalands ex-clubs Molde FK and RB Salzburg. According to “Spox” and “Goal”, the BVB will probably insist that the new employer of the 21-year-old takes over these payments. In addition, in Dortmund, it should be considered to reserve a percentage of a future resale. It would be another way to secure even more revenue through the sale of the star door.

Haaland demands Mega salary

That his consultant Mino Raiola and his father commissions would cash in the amount of 100 million euros, as it was recently speculated again and again, according to the report should not be correct. The sum should be “significantly lower”. Haaland itself demands around 25 million euros net per season according to “Spox” and “Goal”.

As a prospective customer, Real Madrid, Manchester City, the FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich was associated with the BVB striker.