GM of former BioWare GM, “Witcher 3” reveals the reason that was superior to “Dragon Age: Inkiantition”

INFLEXION GAMES CEO Aerlin Flin Answered interview interviewed by GLHF, overseas media USA TODAY.

Flin has taken BioWare for 17 years, and in the former General Manager, which has been retired in 2017, is currently involved in the Victorian Games’s CEO as a Victorian Age-based fantasy survival action “Nightingale”.

In this interview, he is talked about his carrier, and is also touched by “ Dragon Age: Inkianttion “, which is a single work of the popular RPG series. With the same work, it is very difficult to adopt the game engine FrostBite of Electronic Arts, and the development of RPG with the game engine for FPS has revealed that there was technical limitation.

In addition, as the cause of the biggest compromise in such a work development, it has been said that it has been approached not only for PS4 / Xbox ONE but also for PS3 / XBOX 360. In this regard, it is “contrast” that “ Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ” is often compare that the release date is close and compared, and “Witcher 3” Wild Hunt “says” I think it was good “from” Dragon Age: Ink Issition “and Flin says.

Looking back on what happened, Mr. Flin is proud to have accomplished the “Dragon Age: Inkiantition” development team, but it was good if it was better to tell the upper layer.