LOL: The 7 Best Champions to Raze in One For All and Reign in Riots Most Funny Mode

As every time occurs. While recently the URF and ARURF recently appeared, this time it will be the turn of one for all , the way in which all players of a team will play with the same champion.

This mode landed on the client on March 31 and will last until next May 3 , so we will have enough time to try all the characters that we think. That is why from Millenium we are going to recommend us 7 champions that can be very broken if we use it in the best way and ascend your potential as a team.


The ardent revenge gives disgusting the single, but when there is up to five hell becomes a reality throughout the game. Because it is no longer just receiving an stun by each and every one of the players, it is also to eat your r – igneous detonation to disappear from the crack in just under 3 seconds. Also, it does not matter for our enemy to go tank or go with pure and hard damage, since the passive of our burning partner causes the burns to leave meridge to anyone who suffers at least one of him.


One of the shooters to take into account in one for all will be the rebellious sentinel. The mobility of him with the heroic e-balance makes it a very difficult champion to kill, and if we add a definitive very annoying next to the almost infinite Q-BOMENARAN AVERGER and the invisibility of the W-rebel the fun is served But The true sauce of the champion comes with its passive \ – tricks that it causes that almost any death does not mean anything to revive our partner in a short time.


Kennen will always be a good option in this mode thanks to the enormous mobility of him with the e-attack of the beam. With the Q – Shuriken thunder we can bother our rival a lot, provoking that we can mobilize them with our W – Electric Stress once we have given the sufficient attacks with our basics and attacks. But what really is the brand of the house of this champion is its r \ – careful storm, which if it is used in an optimal way among the 5 players we can earn in a short time and wore almost any Enemy that is interposed on our way.

MISS Fortune.

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The Marinera Handle is One of the champions that can give the enemies more in One For All. And it is that the hunter has a skill kit and a versatility Hugely annoying. On the one hand we have to prioritize our e – it rains together with objects of magical damage, prioritize the Q – Redoble and go with the lethality to the maximum, or pull the classic attack speed. But if there is something in which all the builds coincide is that the R – Rain of bullets is decisive to win all the games.


One of the champions fewer views this season is one of the best options for this game mode. The medium dragon is famous for a fulminantly eliminating the enemy champions with their _ building of magic damage when she reaches the top of her fury and throws her r-ancestry of dragon next to her fire e-breath. But what is really cool of the champion is the great versatility when it comes to buying the objects, since just like with Miss Fortune * Shyvana’s physical damage is very good and the endurance with tank objects is very remarkable. *


The boss has given a lot to talk from his departure before the nightmare that ravaged everyone from 2020. Passing all the possible roles inside the summator crack, if he is able to appear in all of them is already the Total nightmare for enemies. Catching someone with e – breakwood means an almost assured death, and if among all the fighters combine well the Damage received with the W – TRAIL , the blow can be deadly for any champion. In addition, the R – the great show as a rko is capable of sinking more than one head on the river.

Renata Glasc.

Finally we want to mention the Baroness of Piltover, which will seem for the first time in this mode over high. A Build full of magic damage objects in the champion can always become a hindrance for enemies thanks especially to their Q-handshake and her loyalty e-program. But the fun of the champion will be launch the definitive one behind another so that the enemies do not stop sticking between them ** for a good time, causing them to kill themselves without even touching them.