2021 e Sports Hall of Hall of Hall, April 2,

[INTERNATIONAL APPLICAL APPLICAL APPLES APPLATION APPLATION APPLATION APPLATION APPLATION APT 2 PM will be broadcasted on April 2, the Korean E-Sports Association (the Association), sponsored by the Ministry of A Sports and Tourism,

2021 E Sports Hall of Hall of Hall of Sports Honor is a place to select and commemorate players who played and commemorate the players active in the domestic ∙ E-sports competition during the year, ▲ “Heroes” We selected three sectors of “Ahus”, which selects permanent snowproofing among the retirement players by voting of excellent grades in domestic and other competitions this year.

The dedication ceremony was selected on December 1, 20, 20020, based on the domestic and foreign e-sports competitions completed by November 30, 2021. As a first time, the inspection of the assignment of each stock commentator was inspected, and the selection committee, which represents each system, such as press, broadcasters, servants, and teams, and teams, and teams, and teams. Anthrough), it was finally decided through online fan voting (Stars).

The Selection Committee decided to add a 2,000 assist record of League of Legend Champions Korea on the Heroes Standards. By the last 2020, ‘Heroes’ is listed in 1998, and in 2021, the League of Legend, Battlegrounds, Cart Rider and Creator, and 17 active e-sports players in the Royal Ball are newly regularly listed as Heroes.

2021 Stars is selected through online fan voting, in early January, 8,775 e-sports fans participated in voting. As a candidate, “Canyon” Kim, Changbu, “Kanni,” Ghost “,” Berry “,” Hikari “,” Hikari “Kim Dong-hwan, ‘Hikari’ Kim Dong-hwan in the Battle Ground Na Hee Joo, ‘Lambu’ Park Chan-hyuk, ‘Renba’ Seo Jae-young, ‘Pio’ Cha Seok, ‘Hansia’ Hansia ▲ Kaart Rider’s stock, Park In-su, Yuchang-hyun, Lee Jae Hyuk, ▲ StarCraft II, In the ‘Door’, ‘JDCR’ Kim Hyun-jin, ‘JDCR’ Kim Hyun-jin, ‘Knee’, The top six players selected in 2021 Stars 2021 by fan voting are exhibited for one year for the Hall of E-Sports Honor.

Anthon is adding six players this time, and a new anchus is a new Austus, which will be donated. In the opening ceremony of the 2018, the Raft of StarCraft, Hong Jin-ho, the best, Lee Yeong-ho, Lee Young Ho washingly, and in 2019, the League of Legend and Bae Sung Woong have been donated. In 2020, Aros was not added in accordance with the selection committee decision.

The dedication ceremony was conducted in advance, compliant with the government’s corona 19-defense guidelines. The original caster and the first announcer were in charge, and the newly registered Heroes, the players selected by the newly registered Heroes, 2021 stars, convey the awards. In addition, one player for each of the Each of the Arusus reveals the direct awards.

The 2022 Texas Sports Hall of Fame Induction Class
In addition, it is achieved in the special priesthood, which was achieved at the ‘E-Sports Night’ event, and the E-Sports Ball and the Team Award winner of the year. For the achievement, the Minister of Culture Athletic Tourism is awarded, and they will be broadcast together with their award-winning.

2021 e Sports Hall of Hall of Honoring is also ongoing events. e Sports Hall of Hall of Hall of Hall of Fame and Broadcasting and Back to Winning Winner with a Certified Shot with a Congratulations on a winner with a certification shot, Present to name.

‘2021 E Sports Hall of Hall’ is released on the 2nd of 2 pm, Naver, Association, Twitch, Africa TV and YouTube. The criteria for selecting a donatory of the Hall of the sports honor can be confirmed through the homepage.