Pokemon Go – ROCKET Retiro Event: Date, Bonus, New Dark Pokemon and more

Pokémon Go You have started your new limited event starring Team Go Rocket, ROCKET . Only for a few days of this week, the new invShadow Pokémonion of Team Go Rocket will welcome Salandit and Salazzle , from Alala. Is the team go rocket? What’s going on? Let’s look at all the details of the event, including the date, schedule and bonus of this celebration.

NEW TEAM ROCKET RETREAT EVENT IN POKEMON GO! Salandit Debut, New Shiny Shadow Pokemon & More!


The Event Retiro Rocket from Pokémon Go is celebrated since Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 00:00 Until Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 23:59, local time.The Team Go Rocket “It feels more brave than ever,” says Niantic. “This time, the villains try to prepare for the complete complete retreat of Team Go Rocket,” they expand.

First, it highlights the arrival of Salandit and Salazzle , from the Alola region (we remember that the game is found in the Alaco seShadow Pokémonon) to Pokémon Go for the first time.

  • We can find Salandit when hatching 12 km eggs.
  • We can evolve to Saland A Salazzle female with 50 candies .

LatiShadow Pokémon Shadow is back: Giovanni will have it on his team

Shadow Pokémon regards Giovanni, leader of Team Go Rocket, it is confirmed that until next April 7 he will include on his team to latiShadow Pokémon shade / dark . The rotation of it includes a new history of special research at the beginning of the event. Shadow Pokémon we advanced in this story we will get the superradar Rocket , necessary to face the Giovanni leader.

New dark Pokémon of Team Go Rocket

The Team Go Rocket will have new dark Pokémon: they have converted the following Pokémon in Shadow Pokémon. If we defeat the recruits and their leaders (Sierra, Cliff, Arlo) we can save them: Alala Sombra Sandshrew, Alala Sandshrew, Sudowoode Shadow, Sudowodo Shadow, Girafarig Shadow and Number Shadow.

Event bonus

  • The Team Go Rocket will appear more frequently in PoképaradShadow Pokémon and Balloons.
  • We can use a mt of charged attack to help the Shadow Pokémon to forget the attack loaded frustration.

Finally, it should be noted that if we complete field research tShadow Pokémonks we will find Sneael (You can exit Shiny) or Scraggy (can exit Shiny). We can also buy a special batch of by 1275 PokémanShadow Pokémon with 10 maximum potions, 10 maximum revivers and 5 radars Rocket.