HSV icon with haunting warning to FC Schalke 04

Simon Terodde einer für den BVB oder die Bayern? HSV-Ikone warnt Schalke! | S04 NEWS
The former national goalkeeper Uli Stein sees despite the most recent uptrend still heavy weeks in the 2nd Bundesliga to come to FC Schalke 04. An S04 star would even meet the HSV legend to the BVB or FC Bayern.

Three games, three victories: After the release of Dimitrios Grammozis and the enthronation of Mike Bükens it runs at FC Schalke 04.

As a table-wide, the royal blue still have a point behind the relegation rank. The hope for the return to the football Bundesliga lives but around the Berger field.

Uli Stein, his sign six-time national and 512 female league players, nevertheless sees a danger to the royal blue. “You have risen the hardest rest program and expectations in the environment. Now is the question: How do you deal with the pressure? That can also have a negative impact,” warned the 67-year-old in the second division double pass at “Schalke1” on Monday evening.

Simon Terodde one for BVB or FC Bayern?

After all: from Büskens’ qualities as a coach stone is convinced. “He has brought peace into the team and it seems to run. I think it’s great as you approach it as a team and that comes well with the team – that’s crucial,” said the longtime HSV keeper.

In the lobes anthem on Büskens also voted EX-S04 coach Peter Neururer: “Through the victories, Schalke has been able to create the rise from his own power, which was not thinking about three games. There is wüskens Protagonist, who brought the stone to rolls. “

The currently probably most important Schalke power carrier is according to stone, however, too higher: Torjäger Simon Terodde. “He did not play in the Bundesliga with no top club. I would like to see him with a well-functioning top team and I’m sure he would achieve his goals as well. He plays with a newcomer, he does not get the same opportunities there. I would like to see him at Bayern Munich or the BVB. “