The coalition shares new tech demo from Unreal Engine 5

On the morning of this Tuesday, April 5, Epic Games revealed that Unreal Engine 5 is already available to all developers in the world. Obviously, there are those who have already been working with this engine for some time, and among them we have The coalition , study first-party of xbox that previously surprised us with an impressive demo this graphic engine. Now, this talented team has returned with another of these demonstrations.

On this occasion they have presented us with a kinematics known as “The Cavern “, which shows us all the potential the new graphic engine of Epic Games. You can see this demo for yourself below :

In an interview with Xbox Wire, Kate Rayner, Studio Technical Director , he spoke a little more about the progress he has The coalition with Unreal Engine 5, Revealing that the team has been working with This engine for a year. Regarding “ The Cavern “, the Executive mentioned the following:

“We take pride in a couple of things, such as facial animations and the general quality of the character model.

Best of all is that these animations are running on an Xbox series X, and that gives you an idea of visual fidelity and the quality we can create. The demonstrations like these allow us to learn a lot about the performance of the EU5, and I think it is easy to say that we can create many incredible things with this new technology. “

The Coalition - Alpha Point Technical Demo on Unreal Engine 5
Last year , The coalition mentioned that from that moment all their future projects were already developers with Unreal Engine 5, but for now we continue without knowing exactly what this study is working.

Editor’s note: It is more than clear that Unreal Engine 5 is a gigantic jump in visual terms, and I die for seeing all the projects that will be created with this engine in the future. If by itself many games today look spectacular, I did not imagine what the studies will be able to do in a few more years.