Ubisoft is working on a new Battle Royale: Filtered the name in the key and first details

We announced it a few days ago thanks to the work of insider Tom Henderson , Ubisoft is preparing great works for season 2022/2023. The study would have had the ambition to create their own show this year to prevent their ads from drowning in the mass of E3, but in the end it seems that they will show up as touch

Between the games to come, a newcomer on the line of Hyper Scape seems to point to the tip of the nose. The name of him in him: pathfinder .

The PathFinder project

They would be three different sources close to the project who would have confirmed Tom Henderson the development of a game called “Pathfinder” at the Ubisoft facilities. From the point of view of the design of the game, it seems that this new project follows the logic of the game Hyper Scape launched last summer.

However, the concept seems original since it would be a game pvpve . How would it work? Four players enter a sand similar to a labyrinth and they will have to get to the center of the map for Facing a boss controlled by the game of the game. To reach this opponent, players will also have to face other NPC enemies and find the way through the sand labyrinth. Beyond this PVE dimension, it would seem that the four players are not on the same team , which implies that in case of encounters between two PJ, a fight is necessary, hence the PVP aspect.

The game would be in its beginnings, so we do not have much more information today. The game system would be similar to that of Destiny , with a central hub that would allow you to choose your game mode and buy items. Keep in mind, however, that obviously you can play different characters, called “heroes” , each with their own skills and giving an idea of their game as in many recent games.

What are the differences with Hyper Scape?

For those who missed it, Hyper Scape is also a Ubisoft game of the Battle Royale genus. Launched in August 2021, the game had a disastrous launch and could not have united the FPS community despite its free side. The servers closed last January after only six months of operation. A failure, go.

Therefore, the Pathfinder project could well be a more successful version and, above all, more ambitious of Hyper Scape, which offers an original game that could find your audience this time. Therefore, we are waiting for the official ads of Ubisoft to know the details and possibly be able to put us a first AVANCE in the mouth.

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Since Tim Henderson mentioned two unknown mobile games In the first filtration of him, one wonders if Pathfinder will not be among them.