Unreal Engine 5 Development Staff Mini Intavy. Next-generation game engine that facilitates open world game development

Epic Games officially released Unreal Engine 5 on April 6. Unreal Engine 5, which enabled large-scale game development, has reached the official edition via preview version. This time UNREAL ENGINE 5 I had an opportunity to ask Epic Games to ask Epic Games. It is a considerable compact interview, but I asked questions with Mr. Yasuhiko Nakamura, a game studio Indie-US Games that continues to chase the UE, so we will deliver that response. The answer was Nicholas Penwarden, who serves as VP of the EPIC Games’s engineering sector.

– Unreal Engine 5 Official version has finally been released. How do you think about using Unreal Engine 5 creators? Is there a good recommendation that you want this function to use this function?

Seven years have passed since I released Unreal Engine 4, while a number of wonderful games by Japanese developers have been created by his Unreal Engine 4. In this release, the large team and small teams are also aimed to be able to challenge the possible limits. Unreal Engine 5 can realize the next generation of real-time 3D content and experiences more faithfully and flexibly.

There are two functions that characterize Unreal Engine 5, nanite and lumen. Nanite Maintain real-time frame rates while importing movie quality art assets consisting of millions of polygons, and can build games with a huge amount of detail without loss of quality. In other words, the next Open World RPG can make more detailed and larger more in detail without sacrificing performance.

Large worlds in UE5: A whole new (open) world | Unreal Engine

The new World Partition system simplifies a large world creation process by changing the level of administration and streaming methods, and provides a tool to create a truly vast world that players can explore. Data Layer can create different versions of the same world as layers present in the same space, and can switch on / off by gameplay events. In other words, you can switch and play an intact bridge at the same level and a broken bridge through the gameplay.

–It is wonderful. How does UNREAL Engine 5 evolve in the future? Is it the same direction as Unreal Engine 4? Or will you also think of different directionality than ever?

First of all, all his Unreal Engine 4 workflow he wants to re-wake up that he is inherited by Unreal Engine 5. This includes main features such as movies, television, live events, architecture, cars and simulations. He will also add more functions to existing features as well as Unreal Engine 4, and he will announce new features that are not included in Unreal Engine 5.0. For example, Path Tracer incorporates LUMEN and NANITE support and he has already worked to improve Unreal Engine 5 virtual production capabilities.

-I am also expecting to expand the future function. By the way, Metaverse is a topic worldwide, but UNREAL Engine 5 is captured as a positioning for metavers? Also, UNREAL ENGINE 5 thinks that Metaverse will change?

We believe that the interactive 3D content beyond image and video is the basis of metabarth. UNREAL Engine 5 provides tools for creators to build immersive interactive 3D experiences, and has succeeded in increasing visual fidelity by new features such as Nanite and LUMEN.

Also, for creators aimed at building a large-scale and photorealistic world, create an open world creation more quickly and easily, and more cooperatively. UNREAL Engine 5 allows team members to work at the same time without interfering with each other in the same huge level of the same huge level. In addition, UNREAL Engine 5 has improved user experience, as he is easier to introduce more than ever and makes it easier to learn.

–We look forward to the future. Thank you very much.