Grindstone Review – Rise et Grind

Do you remember the good old days? You know, when the App Store was hot and fresh and the phone games were not rotten with the timers, The Gems and The Royal Aigles for Buying? Grindstone is a game that looks at these glorious years. A simple dungeon exploration robot overflowing with charm and immediate gratification, GrindStone is one the best phone games on the market.

The color matching games are the daily bread many games for phones. Heck, matching the colorful candies bought King for the billion dollars. In Grindstone, you are a scathing mountain of men who can not sleep at night. The mountain calls it because there are the legions of multicolored smiling creeps infesting the place. And they must be punished.

In a series of increasing levels of difficulty and complexity based on a grid, it is your responsibility to crush the shakes (and yes, the enemies are really called that) and escape with your life, more and more high.

Connecting as The Colorful Creeps is the name of the game, and you can trace the paths at any angle. The modifiers appear every time you trace a path of 10 and allow you to change color on the fly. When you are ready, you press GO and look at the extremely satisfying carnage occur. The stoic hero, Jorj, seems more and more disturbed as your chain grows, letting you defy almost clean the grid in a single gesture. In addition, you will get the additional resources for the realization of gigantic combinations.

Made by Capy, Grindstone has the remarkable art works. The characters design is comic and overflowing in all directions, bringing a good dose of fantasy to the table. The animation feels just good. Your powerful avatar accelerates as and when, ruthlessly devastating the fields, and it feels. so. good. It’s so simple, but sufficiently diverse so that I come back. It does not rewrite any rule, but it’s fun.

The level requirements vary and must be sufficiently varied for things to remain interesting. Once you have satisfied the requirement, you do not necessarily need to leave immediately. The bonus obtained as eliminating the hardest wicked (the jolts) or open a trigger trigger once the main objective has been erased, but stay glued becomes more and more difficult.

You see, the more difficult Slobs make the damage on a large area, but the basic hen flesh can also become angry, and slap you all around to finish a race next to them. With each movement, more and more jolts begin… to behave like the jerks.

Critique de la Nintendo Switch de Grindstone

It’s just tense enough for every movement to be important, but light enough to play in a bus or for another 5 minutes. Do you have a favor and play headphones – Grindstone’s music is super training. It’s a little la-fi, a bit cold, and the sound effects are very satisfactory.

The most satisfying is the opportunity to beat jolts crowned at the end of the level. By tapping about their jerky faces, they are getting more and more beating, finally exploding in a goop cloud. Raw, right? Well, they deserved it.

Outside The levels, there is obviously a progression. DUH. Sometimes you will find the plans in the coffers, which allows you to wear an armor responsible for effects and equipping a wide variety of capabilities for use in the levels. The resources collected in the levels allow to unlock and refuel most of these capacities. The scale is on site. It’s as if you had to plan your unlocks carefully, but it’s on the screen to avoid over gross (hah).

And that’s all. Grindstone is a simple mobile game, efficient and causing a dependency that is just about all that is good. I play it for more than a month and there is no sign of aging. If you use the bus to go to work or have a regular stopping time, GrindStone should occupy a place on your home screen.