One more round with the new favorite games – the final of Find Your Next Game

Our Special Find Your Next Game: Spring (Fyng) finds his degree tonight. We have put together a number of promising titles, in which possibly your new favorite game is.

What is this Fyng actually? The abbreviation Fyng stands for “Find Your Next Game”. On all our pages (Special, Gamestar and Meinmmo), a colorful mix of promising games and interesting insider tips are presented for this purpose.

Our goal: show you new games that may be your new darling.

Fyng final on April 7, 2022 – that awaits you today in the stream

When and where does it start? At 17:00 clock begins the last episode of Fyng Spring. The stream takes place on our Twitch channel Max (monsters and explosions). We have embedded the canal here for you.

Who will moderate? Maurice, Natasha, Fritz and Julius moderate the stream. In addition, guests are always diving from outside.

Which topics are on the series today? For the final of Fyng, we have some peculiarities for you. The stream starts as usual after the warm-up at 17:00 clock. These titles and topics are today:

  • 17: 30 -dune – Spice Wars: You stand on the setting of the SciFi Hits Dune and likes complex strategy games? Then take a look at this game!
  • 18: 00 -Warhammer 40.000 – Demon Hunters: It goes on with Tactical Science Fiction: Here you do it with a round-based RPG in the gloomy Warhammer universe.
  • 18: 30 -the Day Before: This game is unofficially considered “The game the Division should have been”, but in the core it is a survival MMO shooter with PVP and zombies.
  • 19: 00: -Crossfire – Legion: Stand on the real-time strategy in the look of Command & Conquer? Then you might be Crossfire: Legion interested.
  • 19: 30 -Hogwarts Legacy: Who stands on the world of Harry Potter, who should be happy here. Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG, in which you enroll yourself in the legendary magic school.
  • 20: 00 – The best classic RPGS: A belonging portion of nostalgia and good mood is here when we talk about the most lousast old role-playing games, which we still like to remember today.

If NERF Was Like Video Games
* 21: 00 – AMA with the editors: Finally, we leave the evening open, with a cheerful question of questioners to our present editors. Just ask us in an “Ask Me Anything” (Ama), which comes to mind!