When you infect tuberculosis, Corona 19 resistance occurs “

The US AT O Hao State University Research team confirmed in a rat experiment that it is resistant to a new corona virus infection (corona 19) that is infected with tuberculosis. “

WHO’s Science in 5: Tuberculosis and COVID-19 - 15 October 2021

According to Medical Express.com, the following, according to the others, the Ohio State University Research team announced the results of being able to get tolerance to corona 19 when infected with tuberculosis. Richard Robinson researchers, etc., have infected two kinds of rats with a grid, and then exposed to Corona 19 viruses and confirmed that corona 19 is onset, and I found out that infection signs do not appear.

The researchers confirmed that rats are euthanized and the mice that are infected with the merit of the murdered result in the mice were caused by Corona 19 because they were ‘lung’. They are ▲ The lungs that are infected with the tuberculosis in the lungs of the Corona 19 virus activity exist for some reason ▲ The acquisition immunity that the magic tuberculosis is caused by a corona 19 antigen and causes a cross-response to Corona 19, It was estimated that everyone’s reality has occurred.

In the meantime, tuberculosis and corona 19 are known to have low simultaneous infectivity. Since the tuberculosis and corona 19 are not popular for either, it is reported that this study is reported to explain the association of tuberculosis and corona 19 because it is known that the tuberculosis and corona 19 are not popular.

In recent years, it is a situation that is referred to as 19,000 Corona, but the tuberculosis is a disease in the top 10 of the world death causing the world death to take over 1.5 million lives every year.

Robinson Research Institute said, “Surprisingly, the mice infected with tuberculosis were resistant to corona 19 in the laboratory environment,” said Robinson, “the trend of the tuberculosis and corona 19 continues. However, this study did not mean that the person infected with tuberculosis is not infected with Corona 19, and the person infected with tuberculosis is not necessary to say that there is no need for Corona 19 vaccine. “