Kang Kwang Culture Industry University, Eve Alsture Top and Industry Cooperative MOU

The College of Commerce, Industry, College of Commerce, Industry, College of Education, is a Digital Human and Metabus Professional Industries Eve, with a business agreement for joint business activation and manpower, with the Eve of Eve Eyesuui (each representative Kim Jae Hwan, Yoon Yong-ki).

In the Convention on the Convention on the Convention on the Convention on the Advanced Division, Professor, Professor, Deputy Professor, Deputy Professor, Department of Kim Jong – Sun, and Professor Kim Jong-sun, Professor Kim Jong – Sun, and the Game Content School.

Through this Convention, the President of the Region Games Contents School and Eve Eve Studio cooperates in working with infrastructure and network construction for employment and start-up. Both sides have agreed to cultivate talented talent in the field, and in the industry, and the industry, and the industry, the industry, has been consulted to establish a framework for continuous industry cooperation, which is linked to the recruitment of excellent talent in the industry.

In particular, since last 2021, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education (Augmented, Virtual Reality Division) is selected for the special college (enhancement, virtual reality division), It is rapidly evolving into the introduction of a curriculum for positive content creators.

Eve-alusuwi is an enterprise established in 2016, with the creative thinking and the best technology in various fields such as games, CG, VFX, engineering, fashion, novel, and photographs. Based on global level CG · VFX, Real Time technology, we are creating various contents.

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Cheonggang District Game Contents School The Lord, said, “I am pleased to establish a scaffolding of specialized companies and industry-academia collaboration with advanced technology, which leads to the metaverse era,” We will strengthen their major capabilities and grow into talent who leads the industry by entering the society by expanding visibility. “

“We plan to strengthen the school and organic links through this industry, and actively participate in the digital contents production experience of Eve, and actively participated in the excellent talent cultivation.”

Meanwhile, the Qing Street Games Content School is a professional training through game planning, programming, graphics, game QA & business, and is a professional training course of game content and conducting operational personnel through a major curriculum. Students are achieving the game industry with a working central curriculum that produces a variety of graduation works from mobile application games to large PC games from mobile application games by configuring teams with each major part of the game development.