Weinzierl before extension: Here the FCA must

As it was about its own future, Markus Weinzierl was asked in the past week. “I think until 14th May. Everything else is in the stars,” replied the 47-year-old. On this day, the FC Augsburg receives in the 34th Game Day in the final light Greuther Fürth. At the latest after the expiry of the 90 minutes, all involved certainty of whether the FCA may also play in the Bundesliga in the twelfth year in a row. Stand now it looks good that the unemployable-Nimbus has at least another year. The sooner Weinzierl and his team create facts in this regard, the sooner he will receive the reward: a new contract.

Managing Director Stefan Reuter does not pay any doubts about the future. “This is not a question. We do not need to open the topic. He knows what he has at FC Augsburg, we know what we have at Markus Weinzierl,” emphasized the 55-year-old. “We will first retract the necessary points to keep the class and then sit down in peace.”

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After the false start to the season, but at the latest but in the winter break was clear: For the FCA it is only the league this year – as in recent years. After many heights and the same many depths, Weinzierl has stabilized the team at the decisive moment and brought to be grown the brenzy situation. The forthcoming contract extension with secured league is first the logical consequence.

With closer consideration, however, it is suggested that a new working paper must also be associated with concrete demands. As far as the point cut is concerned is Weinzierl (1.09), who has been responsible for his return in April 2021 32 Bundesliga games, in direct society of his predecessor Heiko gorgeous (1.05), Martin Schmidt (1,1) and Manuel Tree (1, 1). Ebere this labere dot yield was always initial for a coach change in March or April in the last three years. The achievements under Weinzierl in its first term of office from 2012 to 2016, when the team gained 1.26 points per game and the FCA 2015/16 even played internationally – end station Liverpool – nobody could only build on the numerous successors.

The constant course corrections did not take the club on a step. Whether the league does not have worked without a change of personnel remains speculative. The hoped-for continuity on the coaching post had only been a pious wish for years. The first step for this is almost d1. With the Niederbayer this season is all foremost after the first time since the 2018/19 (tree) from the first to the 34th match day the same coach on the pageline.

Everything was there in the 29 games of this season. Absolutely bleak and sobering performances as in the first round against Hoffenheim (0: 4) and Mainz (1: 4) as well as in the second round against Leverkusen (1: 5) and recently in March against Stuttgart (2: 3) repeated as well as regularly Building victories – everyone progress the 2: 1 about FC Bayern in November. Exactly on this problem, weinzierl must start. Finally, bring Konstanz to the game of his team. The potential has repeatedly detected the troupe, but above the stroke but far too rarely shown.

Weinzierl: “I believe that we are in a positive development”

“I think we’re in a positive development, even if it did not go so fast as we all wanted. Even if we were thrown back through injuries, we did it, from a rather passive hostility to make an active attitude “, summed up weinzierl. The large construction site number two is the way of the game he mentioned.

In still too many games, his team acted in the offensive uninspired, restrained and without really putting their own accents. Why? This usually remains a mystery. Because: “Especially when we succeeded in the active way of play, we have delivered great home games,” said the coach. In the recent performances in the own arena against Wolfsburg (3: 0) and Mainz (2: 1), the trend showed in this regard in the right direction. It is then to build on this in the coming season. Before, however, the league stop is first stopped.