Elden Ring ended without damage in 3 hours – this player creates first incredible No Damage

The Runner communities are slowly driving in ride, as far as Elden Ring is concerned. We have already reported impressive Speedruns. There are also Challenge Runs where meme attacks are used, cheese all bosses runs and now also the first NO Damage Run.

First No Hit and No Damage Run

It’s about it: Streamer Seki has succeeded, of which most of us can only dream. The Australian Elden Ring Fan and Twitch Partner has made it to the credits of the game without even being hit by an opponent even once – and more:

This includes the NO DAMAGE-RUN: The achievements of the fan not only belongs not only to collect direct hits, but not to be gestagged (for example, by distant magic from the distance) and no life points by falling, falling, poison, or to take other status effects.

In short, the goal of the run was to simply do no harm at all and that succeeded, with just three hours of playing time. The fan played for version 1.03.2 and without glitches.

Here you can watch the Run yourself:

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Danger of confusion: By the way, it is not the first No Hit-Run. These have already mastered other players before. However, it is allowed in this category to take damage through status effects or case damage. Sekis Category is NO HIT / NO DAMAGE.

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That’s how the trick has succeeded

The build: as Kotaku.com reported, Seki has played a skill / wisdom build and used one of the best weapons in the game, the moon slim katana. Here you can know where to find it. He also used magic to get out of dangerous mobs early out of the way.

Behind it is a lot of exercise: It may sound like that as if it had just been for Seki. Finally, the run was completed in just about three hours. According to Kotaku, there are 130 hours of training behind it. Usually, the planning of the best route for such Challenges needs a lot of time. Especially annoying by the way: Many runs have only failed at the very last boss, who uses a very heavily evacuated attack.

What do you think about this achievement?