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Marvel launches the first preview of the next table role game

Marvel has launched a first look at his next Role of Marvel Multiverse. Today, published an interview with _Marvel Multiverse The main designer Matt Forbeck about the next board game, which will have a public play test Launched on sale next week. The interview includes several interior pages of the game test, including a block of statistics for Peter Parker Spider-Man. The preview also confirms that the game will use a 3D6 system, with a single six-sided die designated as “Marvel Die”. You can consult the three extracts, which also include a Skizer Tree for Spider-Powers below:

Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE 3 | Launch Week
In the interview itself, Forbeck described how Marvel’s dice will be used to determine when something “surprising” occurs during the course of the game. “One of the best parts of the game is the new dice mechanics,” Forbeck said. “Three standard six-sided sides, one of which is Marvel’s dice. If you get a 1 in Marvel dice, you get a fantastic result and something surprising happens. If you get a 6 in the other two dice, or a result of 6-1-6, which is a definitive fantastic run, which is even better. It combines that with our rules for advantages and problems, which offer dice runs, and end up with many ways to make incredible things happen. During the game, maximizing fun ».

Forbeck also mocked the creation of characters, and pointed out that players will combine skill scores with those of an archetype. “Marvel is an acrostic in which each of the initials represents one of the six skill scores in the game: strength, agility, resilience, surveillance, ego and logic,” Forbeck said. «The scores for standard people in each of these skills vary from -4 to 4, and the scores for characters with superpowers can vary much more. There are a number of different archetypes in the game that describe what kind of character you are playing: a striker, a blaster, etc. When you combine the character’s skills with the archetype of it, that gives you even greater numbers for your attacks and also for your defenses. In this way, the characters can face face to face with others of their own range ».

We will have more to share about the Rol Marvel Multiverse_ when the public play test comes out at the end of this month.