Hardspace version 1.0: ShipBreaker takes date on PC for May 24

Soon two years after the beginning of his early access, hardspace: Shipbreaker is finally paired with take-off. Its developer, Blackbird Interactive, and his publisher, Focus Entertainment, come to announce his release for May 24, on PC at first.

Two years of testing and tightning will have been necessary for Blackbird Interactive to deliver the experience promised by Hardspace: Shipbreaker , this indebted spatial fertilizer simulation for eternity. See you, the guard must reimburse the colossal sum of 999 999 999 credits. And for that, it will have to bone spatial vessels. No matter, if we believe the impressions published by the venerable Gautoz there are two years ago, operate surgical cups on these iron giants by weightlessness is nothing of a chore, on the contrary.

This final version of Hardspace: SHIPBREAKER will be available on May 24 on PC and integrate the Xbox Game PC PC on the same day. As for PS4 and Xbox One editions, Blackbird Interactive has not yet communicated to their output windows.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker - PC Release Date Reveal Trailer

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Video Hardspace ShipBreaker

Hardspace ShipBreaker – Trailer of the release date on PC