CD PROJEKT has elapsed 40 million The Wiccher 3 and 18 million CyberPunk 2077

CD Projekt has released the big figures that strict on the occasion of the presentation of its financial results for the year 2021. On the poster, the extraordinary longevity of The Witcher 3 and an update of sales of CyberPunk 2077, more discreet on this point.

The story will retain that The Wiccher 3 will not have needed the new generation to exceed Cap Siderer of the 40 million copies distributed around the world, half of which on PC. A performance that places the Polish game at the Pantheon role plays, as well as a Skyrim for which Bethesda had communicated the figure of 30 million copies in November 2016, five years after its release. It is also the time that The Wiccher 3 ** had to pass the 30 million in 2020. The Witcher franchise, including CD Projekt prepares the next major episode on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, now trolles on More than 65 million games sold in the world.

After a spectacular launch marked by a score of 13.7 million copies sold early 2021, CyberPunk 2077 has had more difficulty confirming its commercial promises, not helped by the unflattering returns of console versions and even less by its removal from the Playstation Store for 6 months. As of April 14, CD Projekt also accounts for more than 18 million copies sold for the one that now turns very suitably on consoles provided you have a PS5 or an Xbox Series. Remember that a series of animation made with the Trigger Studio, CyberPunk Edgerunners, is expected this year on Netflix.

As announced last year, CD project always aims to transform its organization (RED 2.0, yes ma’am) so that two distinct teams can advance on as many AAA games simultaneously, one of them being the next The Witcher. We can also see below how the project of Cd Projekt was distributed on the different projects on February 28 and how the majority of the troops is now occupied on the “other projects” of which the next The Witcher is, while the number of developers held on the extension of CyberPunk 2077 remains stable. In this regard, the extension in question is now officially expected in 2023.

In addition to both AAA Productions, Cd Projekt does not forget more modest projects. Recently recruited, the Studio The Molasses Flood is working on a game not announced on one of its franchises, while the Gwent team: The Wiccher Card Game is preparing the launch of a solo mode. As a result of the announcement of its partnership with Epic Games, CD Projekt also confirms that it has put an end to its work to support multiplayer with its redengine home engine.

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The very large drop in the Group’s results in 2021 reflect the fact that CyberPunk 2077 has not worn the studio as it should have d1. The CEO Adam Kiciński also entrusted that Cd Projekt employees have seen their wages rise on average by 23% last year and that this trend is expected to continue this year. Note, on the other hand, that the business of GOG.com continue to decline with a net loss of 6.4 million euros for the year 2021, against a net profit of 4.4 million euros in 2020.

Cd Projekt Results

Period Turnover Operational Profit Net profit
January 2020 – December 2020 478 million euros 260 million euros 257 million euros
January 2021 – December 2021 194 million euros 50 million euros 45 million euros