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Planet Zoo Review – a magnificent zoo

Planet Zoo Review

Avoid extinction of the zoosimulation genres.

Planet Zoo is the zoo production simulator, waiting since the last time zoo Tycoon and combines a full-fledged animal procurement platform with a comprehensive simulation of corporate retention. With a comprehensive campaign and a well-prepared online or offline simulator for zoo creation, you can create the zoos you want without being dull. It seems like infinite possibilities in its design for your zoos, although it never borders overpower, making it great for both creators and animal lovers. Building on the success of Planet Coaster Planet Zoo creates a zoosimulator that successfully honored the legacy of the zoos and improved zoo tycoon to bring the genre into a new era.

Planet Zoo gives you full control over the creation, improvement and long-term management of zoos, which are in different environments and can contain hundreds of different animals. During the startup process, a slower process can be, as is the case in many games of the SIM genres. Planet Zoo offers you the opportunity to start from the front in your own zoo or to enter the campaign in which you have instructions and structure for your efforts to build a zoos.

The campaign leads you to clear and easy to learn the way through all the details you need for your Zoos, and shows you seamlessly the complicated process of care and construction of Zoos. While the instructions that tell you what you need to do next, you can be a bit tedious, it offers a lot of content in your twelve major missions, which leads you through each step of the zoosimulation process and accessible to all types of animals and environments.

“The operation of the business works very much like in Planet Coaster, although some of the more frustrating aspects have been improved.”

As soon as you have completed the campaign or just want to leave the campaign structure, you can recreate your own zoo from scratch. You can do this either online or offline. It is a nice gesture that the online experience is not required, although it offers nice advantages like the animal trade and the opportunity to visit the zoos of other players. While you build your zoos, you need to make sure your zoo is a successful business for its guests, and buy, maintain and release their animals.

Operating the business works very much like in Planet Coaster, although some of the more frustrating aspects have been improved. Your goal is to get as many guests as possible in the zoo and either earn enough money to simply go on, or earn as much money as possible, depending on your personal motivations.

Animal habitats and exhibits are obviously the most important part of the satisfaction of the guests. So you have to make sure that your zoo has the best animal combination so that guests have enough to see, but are not overwhelmed. In addition, your guests want to be elucidated and fed so that they go into food and beverage businesses and infosting countries and can listen to educational facts about a specific animal they look at. Some extremely desirable animals will attract enough guests at short notice to support them. However, if you can not improve customer experience, your guests will slowly depart.

The game is well balanced in this regard, although some of them have come down a bit. While their expenses, like those who pay them to their employees or taxes on their property, obviously increase when playing, the game would not want to punish them that they focus more on the animals than on the business. The amount that the guests leave, even with terrible zoob conditions considerably slower than the amount that guests reach, for example, with a large new animal or a new facility.

And in contrast to reality, employees such as security staff can come to protests, but if they are not available, this does not have sufficient influence on their business until they have considerably increased to justify a recruitment. Nevertheless, it is as satisfactory as always to run your zoo as a well oiled machine, and it’s never so tedious to wait him as it could have been.

“I realized that I clicked again and again menu for menu to find almost everything I needed, even if I had already done it before. They could have been more rationalized to communicate them, for example, which animals I already have in the park screen like the animal market, instead of having to scroll back and forth between the main ledger of the zoos. “

So much more emphasis is placed on the animal aspects of the zoo business, which is much more detailed and in which the most entertaining parts of the game are. You can buy large animals through the animal trade market or smaller animals through the exhibition trading market, and keep all their animals in a mood, is crucial for creating a successful and environmentally friendly zoos. Guests like to notice when the animals are crowded or uncomfortable, and commenting or boycotting if the animals are not treated well. This forces you to focus on creating acceptable environments for the animals. Each animal has specific needs for its environment, such as: B. space in a habitat, terrain and temperature, and although the factors that affect the well-being of the animals are numerous and far-reaching, they are well summarized in the animal information boxes clearly say what’s going on.

Animals have a complex KI through which they act much more realistic than before zoo Tycoon games like animals that fight for the alpha status or experience stress because they feel the guests in the park to be exposed to. They can also escape unprotected or damaged habitats if they are not waiting. As soon as you have brought it to a reasonable age and a reasonable state of health, it says in the game that it is your ultimate goal to dismiss you into the wilderness and act as a natural protector, which in turn gives you protective points to adopt more animals. While only the most important and endangered animals give them a significant number of protective points, this is a worthy final destination for a game that simulates a controversial real topic.

Every time, if something goes wrong in the zoo, you will be informed about what is going wrong and how you should react. Everywhere on the user interface, warnings are displayed if you win or lose guests or money and how they can solve the problems that appear in the park. Unfortunately, the user interface outside this area is confusing and difficult to navigate, especially if you are looking for a specific item or after a specific action.

I realized that I clicked again and again menu for menu to find almost everything I needed, even if I had already done it before. They could have been more rationalized to tell them, for example, which animals I already have on the same screen as the animal market in the park, instead of leafing between the animal books of the zoos back and forth. Apart from the user interface, the game is generally very detailed, especially if you can go to the animal view and watch as you move in your environment. It was always a pleasure to sit back and watch everything in action and visualize the work she put in the zoo, even if there was nothing repaired or customized.

“Even if I felt challenged Planet Zoo I have not felt overwhelmed in the campaign nor in the construction of a separate zoos because it offers exactly the right support so that you can get it to run independently. “

Planet Zoo takes what has made both ZOO Tycoon and Planet coaster special and merges them to a package that brings both previous zoo production simulators and the genre into a more modern perspective. Although the business aspect can hold their hand in hand from time to time, he provides a balanced relationship between ensuring proper business and warranty that the animals are healthy and happy before they can be released into the wilderness.

Even though I challenged myself Planet Zoo I was overwhelmed neither in the campaign nor in the construction of its own zoos, because it offers exactly the right support so that you can get it to run independently. Although the genre of zoosimulation has since been lush zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo ensures that it is not yet extinct.

_ This game was checked on the PC. _


Beautiful details, well thought-out business mechanics, easy-to-understand information boards, animal variety