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Dead Space Remake: Developers listen to fans at Essential feature

Atmospheric horror games sometimes live from the sounds that are heard in the game world. Since the Remake of Dead Space makes no exception, which is why the developers are very closely at the feedback of the fans.

Dead Space: Release date and more information about the horror remake

The most important facts about the Dead Space Remake:

  • Genre: Horror, Third-person shooter
  • Setting: Science Fiction
  • Game mode: Single player
  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC
  • Release: Planned for early 2023
  • Age approval: No entry (original: from 18 years)
  • Developer: Motive Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts

DEAD SPACE REMAKE New Gameplay Demo 18 Minutes 4K

_14. April 2022: _

Dead Space most important weapon must sound right

The Plasma Cutter from Dead Space is quite one of the most famous weapons of video game history and has almost cult status under the fans of the series. The actual tool accompanies you all the time and can be an extremely essential thing pretty well – the separation of limbs. In a video, the Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle were already visible and also to hear what the fans came to ears there was not satisfactory for many.

Instead of swimming turret, however, there was serious common feedback , the developer motifs then could use for improvement. In a Tweet you submitted the changes:

Both in the comments under the Tweet as well as in a reddit thread of the developers are the fans full of praise for improvements to the sounds. Many are also very happy that the developers take the feedback of the fans seriously . Some can hardly believe that this type of interaction with the community is actually a studio of Electronic Arts. It would certainly be in the sense of the fans when motive would maintain this handling of feedback to the planned release.

_14. March 2022: _

Dead Space Remake should already appear beginning 2023

The development of Remakes of Dead Space seems to ride well. The new edition of the horror classic announced in July 2021 should already appear according to an announcement by the official Twitter account already early 2023 .

In a stream, the developers presented the current state of the project. The remake is already completely playable in a pre-alpha version. Above all, the stream turned to the Sound Design by Dead Space, a precarious area that is extremely important for atmospheric horror games. A video in which the developers go deep into detail, you will find on the official YouTube channel. A short trailer gives a good taste of the remake:

In addition, there were interesting information about a deviation announced in advance. In the original, protagonist Isaac Clarke is still silent, but not in Remake. In another video you can watch the a.l.i.v.e.-System . Depending on the ISAAC’s condition, breathing and voice should change. Whether it is normal, exhausted or injured, it should also be reflected in the dialogues.


After a few years, I finally put myself my fear of horror games

Daniel Hartmann

Already in May 2022 there will be another stream to the state of the Dead Space Remake. Of course, the release window in early 2023 can still move, but with the announcement good one year earlier, EA is optimistic to complete the game until then.