Impact of Genshin: How to re-forge the fog divider and its good?

There are many weapons to use in a wide variety of constructions, but if we are completely honest, some weapons and teams are much better than others. If you are trying to put your hands on this sword, this is what you need to know. Here is How to get the MistsPlitter Reformed in Genshin Impact and if it is or not a good choice .

How to get the Mistsplitter reinforced sword in Genshin Impact

This sword is a five-star weapon that was introduced when we were in the first days of exploration of the Inazuma update. And like many other five-star equipment items, the mistplitter refigured can only be achieved through a desire.

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Not only that, but it should also be present in the banner of the weapon you want. You can not get the random sword in the group of regular weapons banners. It works like a five-star character that way.

The MistsPlitter Reformed is not on the current weapon banner, so you can not get it at the time of writing, but you can return when Kamisato Ayaka returns in the second half of the characters banners 2.6.

Is it good to reinforce the fog divider?

The simple answer here is yes, the sword is excellent to add to your collection. This is especially true if you have Ayaka on your list, since it is the perfect weapon for her.

The main statistic that increases is Crit Damage, which is ideal for Ayaka since the Burst of her hits many times. If the critical rate of it and the critical damage of it are tall, it becomes a dsel monster.

The sword also increases elementary damage for the elementary type of the character, which is perfect since Ayaka makes a lot of cryogenic damage, especially when you are given the Blizzard Strayer artifact set.

It is also a great sword in the hands of Keqing for electrical damage and even for Kazuha if you choose to use it as a more focused character in Anemo DPS.

That’s all you need to know about How to get the MistsPlitter Reformed in Genshin Impact and if it is good or not . Be sure to check our wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other useful information while exploring Teyvat.

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