The best WoW clones! Well stolen is half won

It is a clinking cold winter day at which two adventurers pull through the forest of Elwynn: a Gnome witcher and a night elf shurquin. Until the next extension it takes despite the early revelation by Blizzard for a while, but the mood is still careful optimistic. Instead of burning out in Azeroth and lose the fun, both forges a pact: other MMORPGs are played until the beloved World of Warcraft converts back to the right paths. First, you are trying on a popular free2play game with world bosses and PVP impact: 4Story attracts with its free Gestaden newcomers and fans of classic MMORPGs alike. (This fun introduction can of course over the table of contents skip – just click on “The First Twin”.)

4Story is very reminiscent of WOW and is almost just as old, which can be easily recognized by the graphic. Source: Zemi Interactive

It is a clinking cold winter day, at which two adventurers pull through the wilderness of Valorian: a fairy summoner and a feline shadow runner. Both have a few polygons, but a lot of heart. “Tell me,” Mumbles the summoner, “Does the whole thing come here so well?” “No idea what you mean,” answers the Feline as she leaves a goblin with Tom-selleck mustache by a hosted dagger, “For me, everything looks like a normal online role-playing game.” The fairy summoner looks around and frown frown. Foliage forest. Fields walking around pigs. Brick houses. He turns to his companion, which is already energetic for half a dozen goblins. “Have… uh… have we changed the game at all? I mean, you look like a starved Wandge, but the rest looks the same, right?” The shadow run looks around and frills the stir. “True. Looks like Goldhain. Have a tremendous desire after killing hoggers. So next game.” Both gaps your smartphone and book a holiday in World of Kings.

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Much more clones!
Of course we scratch only the surface of the WoW clones here. Games like Allods Online, Alganon and even the Unholy WoW-Diablo hybrid “Diablo Island” on Steam are still out there – but that would blow up the scope of this article. It is a clinking cold winter day, on the two adventurers through the dusk forest Drag: a dwarf necromancer and a high-speed shadow dancer. Immediately, the necromant brakes by beating the hacks in the dust and tearing the eyes in disbelief. “Okay, what’s up to the abyss?” The shadow dancer nods slowly. “I know what you mean. Looks like we would never leave Azeroth. Even the throne room in Scarabare city sees, except for the floor plan exactly, exactly as Anduins Bude.” She grins wide. “The capabilities of the game are the same and the symbols are the same!” A player on a griffin flies past the two. He completes a Daily quest that he has to destroy his opponents with bombs. The dwarf smells “Now it will be silly. Next game.” The smartphone buzzing while it loads Era of Legends.

It is a clinking cold winter day at which two adventurers pull through the Beck Hain: a Loli witcher and an elven assassin. “No, stop!” The witcher looks down in abge horror. “Why am I a woman? And why is my people Loli?!” “The classes are bound to a gender and a people,” the Assassin motivates as he crashes his pants. “I really can not understand how you can run, during your -” The Loli waves hectically and points to the entrance of Dragon City. “That looks like Stormwind!” The Assassine shrugs with her shoulders. “The dungeon there is ‘Caves of the whimper’ instead of ‘Caves of the Wehklagens’. Just let’s play WOW again, yes?” The smartphone lands in the corner, while the Blizzard Launcher invites.

The third twin

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We know and love them all: the countless claired cover pictures, games, merchandise articles and ideas that swirl throughout the entertainment sector.
Even Wow remains not spared as we show you in this article: We share clone beads like “Glorious Saga”, “4Story”, “World of Kings” and “Crusaders of Light”, make a small swinger over the best

Merchandise cucumbers like T-shirts with strange embassies and follow a look at the famous “World Joyland”, the World-of-Warcraft Amusement Park in China, which has absolutely nothing to do with Blizzard.
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