Union back in Leipzig: Now we have to get up again

Half a dozen fans and autograph collectors adopted the team bus of the 1st FC Union Berlin on Friday afternoon before the departure. It went to Leipzig for the second time this week, where on Saturday (15.30 clock, live! At collectors adopted) in the game against RB this time is argued about points.

On Wednesday, Union had delivered a big fight to the Leipzigen in the DFB Cup semifinals and playfully extracted the favorite. The extension seemed to reach close, marriage Emil Forsberg in the 92nd minute Leipzig brought the 2: 1 victory hit and mourn the Unioner on the grass and their approximately 8,000 pendants on the ranks.

Even if on Saturday “only” still meets 2500 fans, it should run better in the second start-up. This hope expressed coaches Urs Fischer on Friday at the press conference. “You have to get the defeat from your head. It’s not that easy. I think the disappointment is still taking a little bit,” said the Swiss. “It’s about how to handle it. It must not influence the performance. Above all, you have to take the positive things.”

Union arrives again in the dark alternative jerseys. And the face of the team will probably only change insignificantly. Fischer announced a “minimal rotation”. It is probably that the outer chest Christopher Trimmel and Bastian OCCIPKA are replaced by Julian Ryerson or Niko Gießelmann.

In any case, Timo Baumgartl must fit. The defender who played in Leipzig on Wednesday is closed for the Bundesliga. Because he has the fifth warning, Dominique Heintz Ran may.

Fischer has decided in the goalkeeper question – but how?

Andreas Luthe, who was until mid-March, stands for the first time after surviving muscle injury. But allegedly, the last stable Frederik Rönnow is likely to be preserved. As it continues until the end of the season on the goalkeeper position, Fischer did not want to reveal at the press conference.

Fischer said only that the goalkeepers had been spoken and that there was a decision. As they look, you can ask for him after the game in Leipzig.

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Regardless of RB for Union, five defeats in five compulsory matches should jump out for the first time. The success formula sounds easy. “There is a need for a similar performance as on Wednesday to have a chance again. We still have to be a bit of hanging,” says Fischer. “We have to be even more efficient with what we do and what the Leipzig let us. We lay on the ground, now will have to get up again.”