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It is reported that Call of Duty tests: Modern Warfare 2 will take place soon

Game tests for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the 2019 reset, will take place very soon. Infinity Ward began to provoke the new Call of Duty earlier this week when updating its social media platforms. The developer eliminated all his Instagram publications and updated his Twitter to present a teaser image with Ghost hidden under stairs. It has been largely suggested that the developer is increasing its commercialization before a larger revelation and the Teasers are expected to begin to appear at the end of April. To accompany all this, Infinity Ward is also preparing to allow some people to play.

FIRST OFFICIAL CALL OF DUTY 2022 TEASER! (Modern Warfare 2 2022 Teaser)

According to the privileged information of Call of Duty Ralphsvalveinfinity Ward he has invited the residents of southern California and influential people to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 next week. Despite the fact that it will probably be under a heavy nda, we will still get some juicy leaks on how the game looks and feels along with some of its notable mechanical differences. Current rumors have indicated that the game will move away from the ends of the end of the world and will be inspired more in the war on drugs with Task Force 141 facing the Colombian drug cartels. According to reports, it is inspired by films such as Sicario so it is expected to acquire an even greater advantage than usual.

From now on, rumors also suggest that the game will be officially revealed in May, which aligns with the revelations of many previous games of Call of Duty. This is expected to be Call of Duty’s game before the acquisition of activation by Microsoft will be carried out, but this agreement is not expected to have too many important impacts in the way Call of Duty is launched in Other platforms. Call of Duty is also expected to take a free year next year, but it has been reported that it is not due to the acquisition.

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