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Popular games that are newly notified by side… Revenue chart changeEnowy

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Major games that wrinkle the domestic mobile game market have been linked to new classes, and to catch ‘gemia’. Thanks to this large-scale content update, changes will also be subject to change in sales charts.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, Nexon’s’ Dungeon & Fighter Mobile ‘, NCsoft’s’ Lineage W’, ‘Blade & Soul 2’ and Net Marble ‘s “Blade & Soul Revolution” are conforming to new class updates.

New characters in Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) who collected the topic of the domestic mobile game market immediately after the release of last month. The company predicted the launch of two ‘spitfire’ and ‘mechanic’ through the official YouTube on the 14th.

Spit Fire uses ‘bowel’ and ‘Must’ as a class that applies attribute attacks as a variety of bullets. The mechanic is a class that uses a robot as a weapon, which is characterized by a self-attacking automatic spectacle.

NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) also shows the new class of Lineage W and Blade & Soul 2, which is also a signage MMORPG. First, in the case of Lineage W, the new Class ‘Dark Elv’ is added through the update on May 4. Dark Elves took the assassin concept with a new class that first presented after launch.

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Blade & Soul 2 updates 27 days to coming from a new weapon. The nonaque is a sword, ax, a bottle, a pore pattern, a bow, and a grant of the seventh weapon. It is also the first new weapon that is added after the launch of August last year. Blade & Soul 2 can be said to be the same as the emergence of new classes as much as the skills available depending on the weapon wearing.

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) is also implementing pre-registration ahead of the ‘pair test’ update in Blade & Soul Revolution. The pair of inspections can use two sacks to give a strong damage to the enemy as a character that expands a strong proximity attack. For users who participated in pre-registration, ‘Pairing Special Gift Box’ is paid.

As such, major games are concurrently concurrently concurrently changing their sales ranking in the middle of the year. Currently, Google Play sales ranking is renovated.

The ‘Lineage M’, which introduced ‘Dark Elv’ class reboot, one-to-one transactions, and the new sales chart, which has introduced a transaction of one-to-one transactions, followed by Lineage W. It is noteworthy that new classes and the first place to revenue are to be recalled as soon as they hit their first siege. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is ranked 3rd in sales and takes place of Lineage Brothers. Blade & Soul Revolution is a long-term top 10 in the long term.