Korea Board Games, online board game event 2022 Paju Spill Spring

[Data provided: Korea Board Games]

Korea Board Games will proceed with the largest board game online event ‘2022 Paju Super Spring’ this year from Naver Brand Store, from 12:00 pm) today (25th).

‘2022 Paju Shufu Spring’, which can meet 1,000 board games, jigsaw puzzles and gravit racks, is a large online board game plan, which celebrates the third year of this year.

In Paju Super Spring, a new board game, which provides a special benefit, such as a new and abroad new board games and a special benefit from the best-selling discounts, such as Halley Garl, Lummy Classic, Da Vinci Code.


In addition, during the event, we pay the board game according to the purchase amount for the purchase amount, and 7 species of discount coupons, lottery through the lottery, the Super Pass Event and YouTube Channel to get a board game, a good deed, and a promoter This is held.

In particular, we plan to communicate directly with our customers through Naver Shopping Live and Yutori Live Broadcasting, and to create contacts.

Paju Shu Pu Spring is on the Korea Board Games Naver Brand Store from 12:00 on April 25th to 29th, and it is possible to purchase from 9 am to 9:00 am to the same benefits and discounts. For more information on events, we can confirm through the Korea Board Games Brand Store or Paju Super Search.