Team Vitality, Karmine Corp, Lol: When Emmanuel Macron makes promises to the esport before the second round

These are words that can surprise when they come out of the mouth of a head of state, and yet: Emmanuel Macron presented his ambitions for French Esport before the second round of presidential 2022. And he visibly has great projects.

Esport, where “French excellence”

While his election campaign beats his full but also approaches his end, Emmanuel Macron is on all fronts. To your television of course, but also on the Internet where the president-candidate granted several interviews to various media including The Big Whale, specialized in the Crypto and NFT universe: The opportunity for him to contact an audience Resolutely younger, public whose abstention rate in the first round (more than 40%) had been largely talked about.

In order to reach these French less than thirty-five years, The French chief of state slipped a few words on the national esport scene, which he literally qualifies “French excellence”. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of several teams such as Team Vitality or Karmine Corp, Major Games of the Medium (like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or League of Legends) with an online event: The Olympic Games of 2024 . Not exactly as we can imagine, no, but the speech is probably the look.

2024, the great year of sport… but also French esport?

You are not without knowing that 2024 will sign the return of the Olympic Games, which will be held in the middle of the French capital. An ultra-medial event, also the opportunity for French Esport to shine at its fair value, according to Emmanuel Macron. The idea is not to include the video game in the official competition, but rather to take advantage of this hinge year to organize major esport events and bridge between competitions.

Finally, I do not forget the esport, another field of French excellence, with teams like Team Vitality or Karmine Corp. In this respect, we have a historical opportunity: that of the Olympics of 2024.

To take advantage of it to make the link between the Olympias of the two worlds by welcoming this year the world’s largest events: a major of CS: GO, the World of League of Legends and The International of Dota 2. If the French trust me, we will work there until my election. This is, too, the influence of France.

It goes without saying that these declarations fall to peak – or two days before the second round – but could well type in the eye of the lovers of the discipline. to see in what measures they can be concretized, if Emmanuel Macron Win these new presidential elections.


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