Johnny Depp says that Amber Heard worked in Aquaman just for him

One of the cases that has most taken the attention of people is that of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard , former couple of husbands who are developing judgments in which there were accusations of defamation and domestic violence. This led the pair of actors to lose some important works, since companies do not want to linked controversy.

During the most recent discussion, the issue in which Johnny himself warns to have achieved the role of mera for Heard in Aquaman , using this argument to defend against certain messages apparently threatening In fact, this interpretation will happen again in the sequel that has contemplated its premiere in 2023 .

The content of text messages was as follows:

“I am in a meeting now, I will be at home soon,” Heard wrote to Depp. Her response was: “There are no meetings. There are no films. Why? Why do you deviate from our agreement? What kind of meeting? To the Mier **. Just let me know when you get home. ”

Given this accusation, Johnny Depp commented that he was bothered by the fact that he already had a specific plan, a plan not respected by the actress. Reason why you can interpret are messages of fury. Then, he stressed the message regarding the role of women in the cinematographic universe of DC .

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“It’s not about her to make movies. How do she think she got Aquaman, sir? This is not necessarily a message of anger, it is only why does she deviate from our agreement? “

At the moment, this series of judgments is still standing. Even Depp affirmed in one that he will never return to play Jack Sparrow . No matter the figure that Disney offers him.

Editor’s note : The approaches statements becoming stronger and stronger. That means that the controversies are far from finishing among the couple.