Minecraft: How to download and install skins on PC, consoles and mobile devices

Surely you’ve ever thought that your avatar in Minecraft could look much better with a skin of your favorite character. Your wish is my command. Then tell you how download and install skins for your avatar on PC, consoles and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

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Get skins for your Minecraft avatar on PC

The first thing you should do is address the Minecraftskins website, which offers a large gallery called the Sandex with images. The page is updated from time to time and on the cover you will find the outstanding of the moment . Once you find a skin that you like, click on it and download it.

Now you have to go to the official Minecraft website, log in with your account, go to “profile” and then “skins”. There you have the option of creating yours or upload a file . In this case, raise the file you have downloaded. Give “Save and load” and that Skin is now available for your account.

get skins for your Minecraft avatar on consoles and mobile devices

The users of consoles have to open the game. Once in the menu, look for the “help and options” and “change your appearance” tab. In that section you can choose a series of skins packages . Be careful because some packages are not free. Once you choose one, you equip it and go.

Finally, users of mobile devices (iOS and Android) must use the same device to enter the Minecraftskins website and follow the same steps as on PC. Once you have the skin, open the game on the device and select the hanger icon in the start menu. Select the skin that you prefer to look your character.

Now that you know how to download and install skins in Minecraft, have you taken your eye on any? Which one would you like to carry? I read you in comments.

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