In Nintendo Switch Sports, some users have destroyed the TV during distribution. History repeats

While playing “Nintendo Switch Sports”, it seems that a user who released Joy-Con and destroyed the TV appeared immediately. The video is stored in the video by destroying the TV during the distribution. VGC etc. reported.

The streamer 63Man crashed the TV. Twitch followers are 7387 new faces that have recently begun to work. When he was playing tennis for “Nintendo Switch Sports” at his home, Joy-Con hit the TV directly. Despite the game, I put my mouth on my hand and stunned. He shows his camera on the TV and shows its destruction. With 63Man stopping playing, tennis games ended with losing.

Mr. 63MAN held Joy-Con for each hand (although tennis can play with one Joy-Con) and swings with his right hand. When he swinged in the backhand, Joy-Con was out of his hand and hit the TV directly. When it comes to TV, the upper left is black and clearly shows that it is broken. There is a spider nest crack in the lower left, and is this a landing point?

So, “Nintendo Switch Sports” is not likely to cause such an accident. The cause this time is that he has not installed the Joy-Con strap attached to Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Sports is alerted to the persistent strap. It is said that not only on the boot screen, but also on the road screen in the game, it is said that you should attach a three straps. In addition, it is recommended to be promoted and in the game, such as opening a distance from television and playing with parents. 63Man, who ignored such precautions, destroyed the TV with Joy-Con, which was fired without straps.

Nintendo has long been facing the task of television destruction. The direction has begun in earnest in 2006 when Wii Sports was released. The Wii Sports, which was launched simultaneously with the Wii, has become a huge hit all over the world, and a Wii remote control report has been reported around the world. Like “Nintendo Switch Sports”, it was a system that moved the controller. Nintendo has been recommending to play the same work with a strap on the Wii remote control since its release. However, television destruction reports have been received one after another from users who do not wear straps and users who have torn straps.

Nintendo announced that the strap will be exchanged for a thicker 1. A dedicated page and a window were prepared, making it a large -scale recall. The uproar has a wide variety of impacts, such as the effect of the promotion that swings the Wii remote control violently. After that, Nintendo will provide all users a rubber Wii remote control jacket attached to the Wii remote control, and the product will also include thick straps and jackets. In other words, Nintendo has been struggling with “controller sloppy”.

Therefore, “Nintendo Switch Sports” has a thorough alertment. The Nintendo side is also taking great measures, so it will depend on the way of playing with individuals. After all, it seems that a certain number of users play without straps and destroy television. By the way, 63Man released the destruction video and then paste this destructive video on his Twitter. Ironically, TV destruction has eventually increased his name. Since the compensation TV is expensive, it seems that it will not be so rampant, but I would like to hope that Joy-Con will not be an influencer toy that wants to attract attention.

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“Nintendo Switch Sports” is on sale for Nintendo Switch. When playing, be sure to attach a strap to Joy-Con and your wrist.