League of legends

Lol: Zilean ad is the new fashion in One for All and this play against Zion demonstrates his power

The variety in League of Legends is a characteristic that or you do it numerous times because you are playing cheed games with friends or almost never practices it because you are playing qualifiers all day. While in Soloq you guides you so it benefits the champion, in other types of games you go a little more _Freestyle _ and you decide to try some other build of madness that can become extremely fun.

Rengar AP or Vigar Tank are some of the options that can even work in Soloq for very specific situations, but that most of the time is used in normal, Arams or the ways that appear from time to time in the client of the client of the match. Well, this time we will talk about a play with a champion that although it seems to burst with objects of magical damage, if you focus their builds in physical attacks seems to be a true beast: Zilean Ad.

We are first of all in One for All , a way in which all team players choose a champion to play it all to face a rival who will also do the same. This time it is a Zilean who, to try to make a difference, proved to build a build of attack speed and physical damage as if it were an ad carry. We did not know if that conjunction of objects was going to work well, but with the clip published by the user “Thicancer” we could realize that it was a bad beast against according to which champions.

This time he faced a sion , which although normally played from tank or bruiser, the lethality is a monster to exploit rival players in addition to being extremely fun. However, despite the fact that Zilean goes to basic attacks, if sion approaches our time guardian can flee with his temporal distortion or in the cases using the r – alteration of time to have a second opportunity. The objects he had to buy to become that monster were the following:

  • Blade of the ruined King
  • Grebas de Berserker
  • Krakens executioner
  • Guinsao fury leaf
  • Hurricane of Rhunaan
  • Lord Dominik memories


This is how a game that seemed entertaining became a monologue for the magicians due to the enormous variety they had when buying objects, while dodging or avoided the definitive Zion with a single click. We will have to see if we can see more elaborate videos of according to champions or settle for rapid pentakills by a Brand or a seed.