The director of The Incredible Hulk will now work in rapid and furious 10

Last week it was announced that the director of _ rapid and furious 10 _ left his post, something that really disappointed fans, as he had done a great job with the franchise. And now, after having made an exhaustive search, it seems that they have found a replacement, a person who will surely be familiar to the followers of _ Marvel _ .

The chosen one is _ Louis Leterrier _ , who more than 10 years ago directed _ the incredible Hulk _ with the actor _ Edward Norton _ , a project that apparently continues to be part of the UCM despite the problems. _ Universal Pictures _ I had it in the sights in how much Lin announced his resignation, being the first option. This led to _ Louis _ to sign immediately to start working.

In the past Leterrier he directed movies like _ unleashed _ and _ class of the titans _ , as well as _ netflix _ where they are found _ lupin _ and _ the dark Crystal: Age of Resistance _ . That implies that he enters perfectly into the _ approach rapid and furious _ , since all his works until today are of unbridled action and special effects.

In related news, the reason why _ Justin Lin _ , beyond his comment referring to “creative differences” was mentioned. He would actually have to do with a main actor of the cast. To consult all the information about it, we leave you a link here.

Vin Diesel's behavior seems to be the reason Justin Lin left Fast 10. - The Big Thing
Editor’s note : Universal did not waste time finding some1. It is understandable, after all, every day that passed from the resignation of Lin, the company lost some dollars for the active contract that the other participants in the large budget project have.