Attentive to offers in Xbox Series X games

Xbox Series X | S brings dragging a fantastic streak in this 2022, with more sales of Next-Gen consoles and also a great growth of its Xbox Game Pass service.
If you are one of the lucky ones to have made the leap to the new generation of Microsoft consoles, we have excellent information, due to the fact that you can find loads of video games available maximized for Xbox Series X | S in the Microsoft store.

Among the loads of intriguing titles available, Ubisoft tosses your home through the home window with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Gold Version with a 75% discount rate for 24.99 euros, control Ultimate Edition remains at 15.99 euros with
Its 60% discount , exodus Gold Version Met
, 99 euros.

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These are some of the most famous, you can see all the games on offer maximized for the brand-new generation from the Xbox shop.