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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): After the series: How does Moon Knight fit into the MCU?

Is he actually the envoy of the Egyptian God Khonshu or just crazy? This question that always plays a role, When Marc Spector slips into the Vonmoon Knight costume, has been answered at least for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In the sixth episode of the Disney+series saving the world and his friends, making it clear: Yes, the Egyptian gods exist. And even if Marc Spector and his second identity Steven Grand believe at the end of the series that they have nothing more to do with Khonshu and the other gods, the Post Credit Scene of the sixth episode shows that the story of Moon Knight has not yet is. and Attention: Now spoilers come for the end of the first season of Moon Knight.

Marc Spector’s third identity

Moon Knight: Moon Knights forces would make him a perfect member of the Defenders. Source: Disney/Marvel there is someone that Moon-Knight-Kenner have missed for a long time: Jake Lockley. He is the third personality who regularly trees around in Marc Spector’s head. In the comics he is a taxi driver who knows everything and everyone, in the Moon Knight series, Jake, on the other hand, is a violent psychopath. At the end of Moon Knight, he is the only one of the three personalities in Khonshus Dienst and Marc Spector to be unknowingly further Moon Knight.

Another big surprise was the cameo appearances and references to other heroes, films and series – or rather the fact that there were almost n1. Leading actor Oscar Isaac emphasized in interviews that Moon Knight deals very loosely with the MCU canon. This artistic freedom in particular liked him and the rest of the team. The most important question for Moon Knights fans is therefore, do the series and the hero even fit into the MCU?

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parallel world or prequel?

The introduction of the multiverse gave Marvel a number of new possibilities. Who says that all films and series still have to play in regular MCU? Perhaps Moon Knight is a first test balloon as to whether the spectators also look at Marvel series, which are not linked to the official MCU time line. At least that would explain why there are almost none of the usual allusions to other MCU titles. Moon Knight could play on an earth in the multiverse on which the Avengers do not exist.

Moon Knight: Turn the time back quickly. Is that the incident mentioned in Captain America 2? Source: Marvel / Disney Alternatively, an observation that has recently been haunted by the Internet would explain why Moon Knight has almost no links to the rest of the MCU, but is still part of the universe. In Captain America’s second solo film The Return of the First Avenger, both a crazy taxi driver and an incident in Cairo are mentioned. Depending on how much preliminary planning is given to the Marvel team, these comments could be a first indication of Moon Knight and the action of the series can play for several years before Thanos’ attack.

Moon Knight would then be a kind of prequel and the superhero would have a few years of experience at his next appearance in the MCU. The fact that Marc Spector is not aware at the end of the series that part of him is still Khonshus Avatar would also explain why he has little or no contact with the rest of the superheroes.

What’s going on for Marc Spector?

Moon Knight: The Defenders are known from the Netflix Marvel series Source: Netflix regardless of when Moon Knight is now playing exactly how Marvel could use the mysterious superheroes. There are two superhero groups in the comics, in which Moon Knight was already a member: the West Coast Avengers and the Defenders. One group was founded by Hawkeye to ensure right and order on the west coast of the USA, the other is already known from the Marvel Netflix series.

You belong to Daredevil, in which comics often a close ally of Marc Spector. And in addition to Hawkeye, whose student Kate Bishop and Echo one of the characters who will soon appear in one or more Disney+series or maybe even in a film. Marvel rumors also plays with the idea of making a Defenders series. So there would be several projects in which Moon Knight could have at least one guest appearance.

Of course there could be another choice for Moon Knight: the magical corner of the MCU.
Here entities like Khonshu would fit perfectly.
Strange in the Multiverse of Madness shows that
is also a good place there to present more serious topics.
Moon-Knight writer Jeremy Slater has already indicated that he would like to make a film with the crazy hero.
Perhaps Marc Spector’s fight against his inner demons leads him to those on the edge of the MCU.
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