Path of Exile

Trendy Currently Witch Necromancer Poe 3.18 League Starter Builds

Poe Necromancer skills and building strategies have been carefully crafted to work best with minion builds – especially those that use ghosts or zombies as their primary source of damage output. It provides the easiest way to activate high-level offerings and trigger powerful aura bonuses, which contain barter skill gems such as Spell Echo, Support Traps, Onslaught, or Frenzy Charge Generators, Curses, Flesh Offering skills, and more. Focused on making ranged damage possible, including poison/chaos rune crafting, killer over-drain benefits, and charge-based skills, players can focus on speeding through areas while utilizing auras to excel at generating powerful armies safely! Here is my guide to the currently very popular skeleton mage Poe builds. However, we need to extrapolate for the Skeleton Mage – a gem that can be pretty expensive in the first few days of the league. So until then, let’s play everyday skeleton warriors with the Hellfire Legion – support skeletons burning around enemies for better clearing. I also made a three-part video guide for this build.

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  • perfect league starter
  • high boss damage
  • High defense level in the endgame


  • Indirect/passive feeling (a plus point for some)
  • Clarity is good.
  • No overview due to too many effects

Our build mechanism
Creatures: Creatures are like custom characters in PoE, with their stats. This means that they can only be effected by using modifiers that specifically affect creatures. Unfortunately, if we have increased magic damage on our weapons, that doesn’t favor our skeleton mage!
Plan: By planning, we can make the spirit of our fallen adversary fight for us. For leveling, we use the slave driver in Act 5. I’ll explain how to get them in the video!
Later, in Act 7, we use the Ashen Fields “monkey” Host Chieftain and Carnage Chieftain as they infuse our bones with a frenzy and energy charge, making them stronger and faster.
As a third option, we use Arena Master. He always taps his shield to give our minions some magical speed again. This can only be found in the Drox map (this is the Warlord Conqueror).
I’ve chosen the heretic guardian from Act 5, “The Square of Ruin.” From time to time, he conjures a shield around us, ultimately protecting us from outside attacks. If you manage to raise Raise Spectre’s gem level to 25+ with gear, you can summon a fourth.
Animate Guardian: With this, we can summon a spirit late in the game, and we can equip gear (weapons, breastplates, gloves, shoes, and helmets). Of course, we use exceptional gear to strengthen the Guardians and our skeletons further

  • Weapon: Kingmaker
  • Cuirass: Robe of the Ephemeral (Garb of the Ephemeral) or more to guard one’s defense: Robe of the Clone (Clone disguise)
  • Head: Rare helmet with the mod: “Enemies in this area take 6% increased elemental damage” and “Mobs have % increased health” can be crafted at the workbench
  • Gloves: damaged the gauntlet with the implicit modifier “Curse Enemy with Weakness on Hit.”
  • Shoes: Windstream Because of the extra curse, the watcher, can also bring the curse from the gauntlet to the enemy

1) Blind Rage: Our creatures are faster and stronger
2) Unnatural Strength: Increase the gem level of our creature skills so that they do more damage, have more life, and we may be able to summon more.
3) Dark Queen: More bonuses and elemental resistances for everyone!
4) Sacrifice Lady: The sacrifice spells we cast from time to time also work for us. This is important later because we then release Bone Sacrifice to increase the minion’s block chance AND and.

General Leveling Tips
Rule of thumb about lives: 300 lives per act, i.e., by the end of act 4, you should have at least 1200 lives. (Includes energy shield, but a little more is better in this case)
Pay attention to your elemental resistances: the target value is always at least 75% (cap). In the first 3 acts, it doesn’t matter, but from acts 4/5 onwards, you will notice that you suddenly take more damage.
IMPORTANT: At the end of Act 5 and Act 10, you will get a permanent -30% on all resistances! Chaos resistance is not that important at first, but at the end of the game, it becomes useful, at least reducing Chaos resistance to 0.

Personally, here’s how I approach it: If my build hits a critical hit, I’ll help Alira. If not, then I will kill all the robbers.

Which skills to start with?
From Act 3, you can find devices with four connection slots. Use these to connect your abilities with three supports! If your build is based on skill, found later in the game, select a similar label at the top of the skill description.

for melee fighters
I like to use abilities with built-in AoE, like Ground Slam. If you’re using an ability that only hits one opponent at a time, you’ll need to use Ancestral Summons in your setup. Frostblade is great too!

For ranged warriors
Here I use Ice Shot all the time. For Magicians: Frostpulse (Freezing Pulse) and Frost Bomb (Frost Bomb)

In conjunction with
Different documents are available. Oddly, not all vendors offer all gems simultaneously, so you always have to click the file to find the NPC that’s currently selling the gem you’re looking for. But, in Act 6, you’ll get all the gems you’ve unlocked before that! Annoying.

Ascension Level:
In addition to Scion, each class has three sub-classes. You can choose one in the maze and visit it in Chapter 3. To enter this labyrinth, you must pass trials. These trials can be found in areas throughout the story. By the end of Act 3, you should have found the first 6, giving you access to the first lab in town in Act 3. After that, there are three more to be found in the second lab, three more in the third lab, and another six randomly generated ones to see in the endgame on the map. Each time you complete a maze, you will receive 2 Ascension Points, which can be distributed once.

In my opinion, there are no alternative points here. You should adjust them according to the situation when you need immunity to poison or when your area has too much-burning ground. For example, it’s worth changing the selected points for the best fight in boss fights.