How to get frost kernels in Genuhin Impact – Cryo Regisvine Rental

Frost nuclei is an important ascent material in GENSHIN IMPACT. This material is important to set up certain characters and allow them to continue to progress. You can get frost nuclei by beating a Cryo Regisvine level 30+.

You can find one south of the thousands of wind temple east of Mondstadt. Know that they will appear at level 37, so you will have to improve a character a little to take one.

The index to defeat the Cryo Regisvine is in the name. This massive factory is imbued with Cryo energy, therefore Electro and Hydro will make a number of them. You want to attack the gem at the base of the plant to stun it, then trigger as much damage as possible while it is in this dizzy state.

The Cryo Regisive, however, has a lot of tips in its sleeve. You will have to pay attention to a variety of attacks. When you are closely, he will whisk his head in a circle, causing damage all around, then prepare to back down. He will also try to slam if you stay too long nearby, so get started and crush the gem, then dodge when you have finished your combo.

How to Find and Beat the Cryo Regisvine in Genshin Impact - Hoarfrost Core Location
It can also trigger many distance attacks, such as frozen laser attacks and flying ice creams that will follow you. Use a blanket to your advantage for ice creams, and if you are fast enough, you can rush in front of the beams, leaving the regisvine exposed to the monitoring of the damage.

Once you have defeated it, it will drop a Hoarforst Core that you can use to climb some of your characters.