Steam charts: underwater survival

Almost a year after the official release, the underwater survival game subnautica: Below Zero is fighting back into the Steam charts. This should above all be due to a thick discount campaign.

subnautica: Below Zero back in the Steam charts

For PC players, a look at the bestseller charts on Steam is worthwhile at regular intervals. The list of the online shop always reveals which brand new PC games are particularly trendy.

But some somewhat older games also fight back into the charts – including subnautica: below zero . In the game you put an emergency landing on a foreign planet with your spaceship, which is largely covered with water and ice. Your task is now to find your way around the underwater world, collect resources and to gradually build you a basis that you can use as a starting point for your exploration missions.

_Werft just a look at the official trailer to get you a picture of the game: _

The wet Survival game was released about a year ago, but has now made it back to third place in the Steam charts **. This should above all be due to the current discount campaign. At the moment, subnautica: Below Zero is reduced by 50 percent (source: Steam).

Instead of 29.99 euros, you only pay 14.99 euros for the special underwater adventure . However, the offer only applies until May 16, 2022. So if you have licked blood and want to look at the game yourself, you should hurry up with the purchase.

Subnautica: Below Zero at Steam

The predecessor is also reduced

If you can’t do much with the Arctic setting of Subnautica: Below Zero, but still finds the underwater scenario exciting, you should take a look at the predecessor.

The discount campaign is also rinsed up again in the Steam charts. Also reduced by 50 percent, you can secure the first part for 14.99 euros -and it not only offers a significantly more colorful color palette, but also VR support.

Look at Subnautica at Steam

By the way, you get the biggest discount if you buy both games together in the bundle for a total of 26.98 euros – and let yourself be said: It is worth it!

Underwater protection - Подводная защита - 水下保护
* To the subnautica bundle on Steam

All of the steam’s discounts mentioned apply until May 16, 2022.