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Marvel Snap revealed, launched trailer

A new Marvel card game will reach mobile devices at the end of this year. Nuverse and Second Dinner have announced _Chasquido de Maravilla,a new set of collectible cards that will be released later this year on mobile devices and PC. The game will initially have more than 150 iconic Marvel characters with a combination of classic works of art from the 80 -year history of Marvel and completely new original illustrations.

MARVEL SNAP Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer and Gameplay Reveal

“We are delighted to collaborate with the world -class development talent at Second Dinner and Nuverse’s global avant -garde publication to bring this innovative game to Marvel fans and CCG players equally,” said Jay NGO, executive vice president of Marvel Entertainment., as part of the announcement. “Seeing how our teams have been working together using our beloved Marvel characters and their stories, we know that Second Dinner and Nuverse have all the ingredients to offer a historical video game.” You can see the first Marvel_ Complement trailer:

The card game will focus on the PVP game, and the games will take about 3 minutes to complete. The game involves fighting for the control of three unique locations, each of which has its own unique rules and effects. Each letter also has a different effect, so the key will be to discover which cards work well while trying to interrupt your opponent’s plays. The players will try to organize their cards on the board to maximize their scores to obtain control of a location. The game is carried out simultaneously, so the players will not have to wait for their opponent to make a movement during a game. As the games advance, players can “SNAP” to increase bets, which will affect the impact of a victory or a defeat in the general classification of a player.Marvel_ Complement will also use a variety of different animations, effects and voices on off to make the game feel a true Marvel experience.

As a collectible card game,Marvel Complement_ also emphasizes the collecting aspect of the game. There are dozens of variants, ranging from alternative art styles to sets created by a specific artist, sets that use variants or art of specific comics. New cards will be added continuously, and designers emphasized that players can win all cards for free.

Players can register for a limited closed beta version on Android devices as of today, and can also receive updates on whenMarvel Complement will be released when subscribing to the game bulletin.Marvel_ Complement will be launched later this year on mobile devices and PCs and will be available in 13 different languages.